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Hi Sup? ... names shannon i have a Fiance' hes always been the best one that i've ever had..and i luv him for that his names Ricky.. um.i have a couple of bestfriends: courtney,Ricky,scott,alyisha. gena dayell and tarisa! i love them all! i have my liscence(1yr 3mth already)i love makeup lol idky,i hate when people dont like you for no reason its retarded so yeah i live in a small town with chill ass people.. there also nuts but i love them all .lol :) an if u would like to ask questions or anything just IM me or send me an email at oh an yes im a juggalette... been down since i was 10y.o ! um so yeah i have a shyt load of friends that are so wired and diffrent an thats wat i like bout all of them there diffrent not a bit the same ...well ill let you go ahead an read the rest of this shyt lol kk bye <3's
poetry danceing drawing hatchetman painting singing chillin lol
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My Homies i respect and represent, and u dont like them then u aint down. I.C.P,TWIZTID,BLAZE YA DEAD HOMIE, ABK , axemurder boys, boondox, dark lotus , esham, jumpsteady, Zug Izland ,and Psychopathic Rydas 30 seconds to mars flyleaf MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE RAMMSTIEN atrey GOOD CHARLOTTE SLIPKNOT LAMB OF GOD CRADLE OF FILTH, ILLNINO H.I.M MURDERDOLLS LINKINPARK KITTIE OTEP EVANESCENCE ,MUDVAYNE KORN SEETHER <center>TRAPT<center><br /> <center> STATIC X<center> <br /> <center>LACUNA COYAL<center><br /> <center>TECH N9NE<center><br /> <center> MUSHROOMHEAD<center><br /> <center> 12STONES<center>,<br /> <center> 3DAYS GRACE,<center><br /> <center> CKY<center><br /> <center> BREAKING BENGAMIN<center><br /> <center> SHINEDOWN<center><br /> <center>SEVENDUSt<center><br /> <center> P.O.D<center><br /> <center>PAPAROACH<center><br /> <center> MOTOGRATER <center><br /> <center>DISTURBED<center><br /> <center>COLD <center><br /> <center>BLINK182<center><br /> <center>IRONMADIEN<center><br /> <center> BLACKSABETH<center><br /> <center> BLACK LABEL SOCIETY,<center><br /> <center> BLANKTHEORY<center><br /> <center>IN FLAMES<center><br /> <center> BLINDSIDE<center><br /> <center>SKINDREAD <center><br /> <center>CROSSFADE<center><br /> <center>CROSSBREED<center><br /> <center> ADEMA<center><br /> <center>REVELLE<center><br /> <center>FLAW<center><br /> <center> METALLICA<center><br /> <center>LIMPBIZKIT<center><br /> <center>S.O.A.D<center><br /> <center>SPINESHANK <center><br /> <center>STONESOUR<center><br /> <center>SOIL<center><br /> <center>SOILWORK<center> <br /> <center>STORY OF YEAR<center><br /> <center>SALIVA <center><br /> <center>THE USED<center><br /> <center> POWERMAN5000<center><br /> <center> ORGY<center><br /> <center>LOSTPROPHETS <center><br /> <center>DEDSY<center><br /> <center>DRYKILLLOGIC<center><br /> <center> DIECAST<center><br /> <center>REVELLIE.<center><br /> <center> taking back sund
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friday the 13 movies freddy movies naruto movie the notebook 300 family guy seasons 1/2 baked how high dirty dancing stomp the yard you got served step up lotssssss more..!!!!
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another random thing from songs
Posted on: July 24, 2007, at 03:31:40am   [0 comments]
She's smiling like heaven is down on earth
I did it all just for her.
She'll be right here in my arms
So in Love

We are so young
our lives have just begun
And love's heart is death
A prey she was for the cruelty
While its serpent inside crawled straight towards my heart
her coldest kiss hates to exist
Her heart is weeping. it's killing her.
i hear her breathe...
I feel your touch so close and real..

we were so anxiouse to be together
we've waited for so long
for this moment to come,
You know our sacred dream won't fail together in death.

While we grew dim and then died,
as the poison inside reached our heart,
yet the coldest kissed still hates to exist.
the fire in her eyes
faith ceased to exist
And love got us dead,
Just me and my girl.
And the poison on her lips is of a tomb,
were she lies,
her heart won't turn to stone.

we died tonight for love,
death blesed me with you,
this world was a crule place,
were life tears us apart from eachother,
But I won't leave her alone
All her wishes have finally com true.!

a poem i made from songs
Posted on: July 21, 2007, at 09:54:43pm   [0 comments]
alone with only
reflections of the memory
closer than my pain
He knew each tear
before it came
I'm sorry
I don't mean to remember
I'm not ashamed
I'm falling

My scars are yours today
This story ends so good
I love you and I understand
That you stood where I stood
No matter what you're gonna break My love for you,
This fire rising through
Burning I'm not used to seeing you
And you whisper you love me
And so I cry
Holding on to what I'm feeling
And I see you
Savoring this heart that's healing,
You were always a true friend
you don't deserve me,
'Cause I'm not worth being with,
Please dont forgive me.... again...

You speak the unspeakable through
I love you too
In your masterpiece beautiful
'Cause I hear the whispered words

The love runs deeper than your bones,
All your twisted thoughts free flow
To everlasting memories
We say to those who are in love
It can't be true 'cause we're too young
I know that's true because
so long I was
So in love with you
So I thought
And I'm praying that we will see
that exceeds all we can dream
So we can talk about it

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CammyGoesRawr writes...
at 1:30:00am on 3/28/21
thank for the voteee :P
yumi yumi XD
wow you're so handsome :P
RawMeat786 writes...
at 5:57:45pm on 5/11/09
Hello, I have seen you before on FFR. How are you?
NinjetteYo writes...
at 8:07:14pm on 8/28/08
I noticed your a juggalette!
MCL <3
XTwIzTid JuGgAlEtTeX writes...
at 1:10:08pm on 7/31/08
hey sexy my name jis sam but my friends all call me spam or stonie.... ill text you sometime alright. ttul sexy thang.
XTwIzTid JuGgAlEtTeX writes...
at 2:06:16pm on 5/6/08
XTwIzTid JuGgAlEtTeX writes...
at 2:03:15pm on 5/6/08
supersoni126 writes...
at 7:42:33pm on 4/21/08
hey juggalette havent talked to u in you been?
XTwIzTid JuGgAlEtTeX writes...
at 1:58:40pm on 4/18/08
hehehehe thats pretty awesome... we both listen to pretty much the same shit... kittie and otep are great.. im surprised that there is actually some one that likes all the same bands and juggalo shit i like... you seem pretty awesome, who evers best friend you are, are lucky... well g2g write bk. yeah this is a pic of me and my buddy... im the one with green hair...
RawMeat786 writes...
at 11:48:32pm on 3/22/08
timatima22 writes...
at 3:26:29pm on 3/13/08
i see
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