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With every step I take the less I know myself, hmm i guess they call me Dave Comment me right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont care who u r
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Turbonegro-, -Sublime-, -Musterdplug-, -Jimi Hendrix-,- Afro man-, -Ramstien-, -His Infernal Majesty-, The doors-, -Led Zeppelin-, -Camp Kill Yourself-, -Red Hot Chili Peppers-, -Blue Oyster Cult-, -Childen of Bodom-, -Bob Marley, -Dropkick Murpheys-, -Steven Lynch-, -Big D-, -Black Sabbath-, -ACDC-, -Bloodhound gang-, -Fireball Ministry-, -lynard skynyrd-, -8 ball-, -tupac-, -biggie-, -the Agents-, -Daniel lioneye-
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Lords of Dogtown, The ringer, BORAT! The Departed, Grind, Scary Movie 2, Sin City, Anchorman, Nightmare before christmas
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HIM- Soul On Fire (Live)
Posted on: May 11, 2008, at 07:24:33am   [0 comments]

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heather in a box writes...
at 8:09:28pm on 12/10/08
Daaaaaaaave. (:
xemox143 writes...
at 9:39:28pm on 8/28/08
lmao xD you watched that :P
Goshh ^^ !!
I dont even know what to sayy !
Thank youu !
xemox143 writes...
at 8:31:09pm on 8/28/08
o.O pic even..
xemox143 writes...
at 8:29:45pm on 8/28/08
the only reason why i know of him .. cause Bammy margera is like my Heroo ^^
Pshh i like your pics betterr :P
NinjetteYo writes...
at 8:06:32pm on 8/28/08
Ehh, It could be better.
NinjetteYo writes...
at 8:04:27pm on 8/28/08
Nice to meet you Dave.
So... How's life? lol.
xemox143 writes...
at 2:51:32pm on 8/28/08
Rad profile :3
Kutee pics ^^
[[i lovers H-I-M]]
[[I skate teww !!]]
NinjetteYo writes...
at 12:47:55pm on 8/28/08
hello ^-^
Nothing much, how about chu'?
AshPeltola writes...
at 4:07:31pm on 7/29/08
I see.
Thanks, I like your's too. :]
AshPeltola writes...
at 1:13:10pm on 7/29/08
Your welcome. :]
And thanks for the vote.
Not much really.
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