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another random thing from songs
Posted on: July 24, 2007, at 03:31:40am

She's smiling like heaven is down on earth
I did it all just for her.
She'll be right here in my arms
So in Love

We are so young
our lives have just begun
And love's heart is death
A prey she was for the cruelty
While its serpent inside crawled straight towards my heart
her coldest kiss hates to exist
Her heart is weeping. it's killing her.
i hear her breathe...
I feel your touch so close and real..

we were so anxiouse to be together
we've waited for so long
for this moment to come,
You know our sacred dream won't fail together in death.

While we grew dim and then died,
as the poison inside reached our heart,
yet the coldest kissed still hates to exist.
the fire in her eyes
faith ceased to exist
And love got us dead,
Just me and my girl.
And the poison on her lips is of a tomb,
were she lies,
her heart won't turn to stone.

we died tonight for love,
death blesed me with you,
this world was a crule place,
were life tears us apart from eachother,
But I won't leave her alone
All her wishes have finally com true.!