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a poem i made from songs
Posted on: July 21, 2007, at 09:54:43pm

alone with only
reflections of the memory
closer than my pain
He knew each tear
before it came
I'm sorry
I don't mean to remember
I'm not ashamed
I'm falling

My scars are yours today
This story ends so good
I love you and I understand
That you stood where I stood
No matter what you're gonna break My love for you,
This fire rising through
Burning I'm not used to seeing you
And you whisper you love me
And so I cry
Holding on to what I'm feeling
And I see you
Savoring this heart that's healing,
You were always a true friend
you don't deserve me,
'Cause I'm not worth being with,
Please dont forgive me.... again...

You speak the unspeakable through
I love you too
In your masterpiece beautiful
'Cause I hear the whispered words

The love runs deeper than your bones,
All your twisted thoughts free flow
To everlasting memories
We say to those who are in love
It can't be true 'cause we're too young
I know that's true because
so long I was
So in love with you
So I thought
And I'm praying that we will see
that exceeds all we can dream
So we can talk about it