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XTwIzTid JuGgAlEtTeX
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About me:
im a down ass lette! ive been down for 6 mutha fuckin years!! i also am a rocker so yeah but i gots much clown love! all you juggalos n juggalettes better check out my profile.
FUCKING!! chillin, illin,with my guts all over tha ceiling,smokin bud with the crew, watching my juggalo videos,smoking bud!!!!, and trying to stay alive! woop woop!!!!!!
Fav Music:
the doors,the beatles,icp,twiztid,blaze and r.o.c.,boondox,the rydaz!!,house of krazeez,dark lotus, esham the unholy, tech n9ne,.... slipknot,aiden,cradle of filth,otep, etc.
Fav Movies:
halloween, how high big money hustlas, half baked, and friday the 13th!
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to all my twiztid juggalos
Posted on: March 17, 2008, at 04:03:47pm   [0 comments]
axe murederers!
we dont die!
serial killas!!
we dont die!
freaks of the night!
we dont die!
we get high!
we dont die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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xxkronikxx writes...
at 8:33:21pm on 6/25/09
Hey u! wassup homie?
NinjetteYo writes...
at 5:19:11pm on 9/11/08
not much at all, fuckin' bored.
how bout' chu?
NinjetteYo writes...
at 8:08:08pm on 8/28/08
I know you don't know me buttttt,
juggaloshaggy writes...
at 7:18:18pm on 6/25/08
sup lette just replying to ur message
insane_juggalette17 writes...
at 9:39:07pm on 6/11/08
hey hunni sup hey wats ur name again oh heres my cell also btw.. 774 365 0352 kk bye love
*Relentless* writes...
at 12:34:09pm on 5/28/08
kool.latinos are the best lol.:)
DopeMon991 writes...
at 4:15:19pm on 5/15/08
lol. whats good?
smallfri91 writes...
at 2:06:16pm on 5/15/08
hell yeah it is
pinwheel writes...
at 1:49:14pm on 5/15/08
you is hott...
carmichae writes...
at 1:48:34pm on 5/15/08
ight ttyl
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