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About me:
My name is Raffi. I got a lot of Hobbies that I Like to do In My spare Time. Feel free to Talk with Me.
TV, Computers, Videogames, Music, Shows, Movies.
Fav Music:
Mostly I like Rock and Pop. Including Electronica, as well.
Fav Movies:
I have so many favorite Movies that I like to watch. Most of them range from Horror to Sci-Fi, from Comedy to Action. And I also like to watch Animated Movies as well.
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Thank you for the upvote! =D
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Thanks for all the photo comments :D
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cool! Im Chloe its nice to meet youuuuuu :P
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Thank you for the profile vote! :)
MaliciousCorpse writes...
at 3:04:13pm on 11/3/13
I'd say I'm adequate at it. :)
Nice to meet you as well.
And no, it doesn't matter what your name is,
as long as you're happy with it.
MaliciousCorpse writes...
at 1:55:53pm on 11/3/13
I'm Jackie, pleased to meet you.
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at 5:47:55pm on 12/13/12
Thank you very much for the vote :)
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thanks for the vote! =)
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