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About me eh?...Guess you'll just have to talk to me and find out.
Games, books, people(sometimes), anf friends.
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Rock, Metal, things of this nature.
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Dont really watch movies...but Jackass 2 was awesome.
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Guys help me out D:
Posted on: May 19, 2009, at 05:05:34pm   [0 comments]
I kinda dont have **** for credits anymore...

If ANYONE can donate some, feel free to! Your kindness WILL NOT go unheard of!

Posted on: January 18, 2009, at 07:50:05pm   [0 comments]
Okay, im done being bored at home, playing WoW, and various shooters on Steam. I miss my music kicks, so Ive come back to my home on FFR <3

and im sad, that you guys havent dropped my past FFR Rank 2k. I mean cmon, when I first stopped playing I was 560 something. YOU GUYS CAN DO BETTER :D

That being said, I need tips on how to do better with Spread (S,D,L,; )Ive basically had to relearn it @_@

Oh my...
Posted on: July 13, 2008, at 01:52:04pm   [1 comment]
I've almost been a member for 3 years now =P Hardly seems that long...

Holy ****
Posted on: December 26, 2007, at 11:14:44am   [0 comments]
I just randomly posted in the Christmas giveaway, kind of doubting myself.

And what do you know?!?! I GET ONE OF THE GRAND PRIZE SPOTS! Yaaaaaay. Lol.

That had to be the luckiest ive been in quite some time.

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welsh_girl writes...
at 11:17:58am on 2/19/11
Aha, thank you ^_^
TBM18 writes...
at 9:14:44pm on 11/23/10
Thanks, bro.
danny53x writes...
at 4:42:58pm on 11/22/10
yea it's horo
Vanilla Mnm writes...
at 7:00:34pm on 11/18/10
yoyo dude what's up?
krunkykai22 writes...
at 10:10:29am on 10/28/10
awww dude you'll get it back :( I thought I lost my skill until I AAA'd Eradiation to get my ONI skill token then right after that I AAA'd Scythe of 13 and Kyrie xD
krunkykai22 writes...
at 12:03:27am on 10/28/10
lol yeah man I remember you! How the hell have you been!!!??? and its good to see you too!!
TC_Halogen writes...
at 12:07:30pm on 10/21/10
TC will not be resurrected. I'm helping Dragons_Fury run their team - sign up for it.
Mioku writes...
at 8:14:20am on 8/20/09
Dude! Yea. Totally thought I was, then I lucked out. Sorry for not getting back to you. Been busy. But Yea, Thanks. And gratz to you too. :D Roud 7 is a little tough. Have a 9-0-0-0 currently.
LolotheStrawberry writes...
at 10:52:52pm on 5/27/09
~Anime Chick~ writes...
at 9:41:09am on 5/24/09
Thanks! :3
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