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I am 23 Years Old I was born Augest 7th 1991
music ffr and paintballing
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metal, rock,funk, techno, punk
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scarly4real writes at 8:11:54am on 2/9/15

How are you today?
I wish you the best of season
.v. writes at 9:50:16am on 11/22/14
I'll choose email since it's easier for me xD
.v. writes at 9:43:36am on 11/22/14
xD You're ridiculous lol :P
.v. writes at 9:38:35am on 11/22/14
:D Do you feel old yet? I look back at certain movies or songs that had come out and it's like, "whoa, that was 10 years ago?" Lol.
.v. writes at 9:36:25am on 11/22/14
You're born the same year as me :O! We're part of the REAL 90's kids xD
.v. writes at 9:29:22am on 11/22/14
Hey there ^^
Aussieguyx writes at 5:09:28am on 4/15/14
Aussieguyx writes at 11:29:49pm on 4/3/14
Yeah something like that. What do you want for your birthday? :D
Aussieguyx writes at 9:22:26am on 4/3/14
Since your timezone is behind we'll be celebrating at the same time!
Aussieguyx writes at 5:54:23pm on 4/2/14
Really :)