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I'm 20 Years young. In the US Air Force. Hmmm. Any other questions, ask away.
Raving, Glowstringing, Listening to music.. This.
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Avenged Sevenfold, Any type of Trance/ Techno, Bullet for My Valentine,The Burning Season, Linkin Park, Skillet, Bad Religion, and various others
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Posted on: October 26, 2010, at 10:45:14pm   [0 comments]
Well... Whatever skill I DID have about 1 1/2 year ago, is completely shot. Awesome. Time to build it back up.

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SK_BleedingFire writes...
at 11:06:57pm on 10/27/10
Hopefully! Overall it's extremely fun :]
SK_BleedingFire writes...
at 10:19:16pm on 10/27/10
Oh ic. Ughh..the whole concept of school is nice, but classes are a bitch x.x
SK_BleedingFire writes...
at 7:44:19pm on 10/27/10
Hey, nothing much just school and all :]
how bout you?
mattman2005 writes...
at 10:28:04am on 8/20/09
Well, finally some justice was served. "" has been moved to's obviously his/her division to be in. I'm sure there's more though...and one player is telling me that there is just one other player that is illegitimately placed in D1...
mattman2005 writes...
at 2:06:17am on 8/20/09
P.S. Just to give you another view on the situation. I personally would like to have someone think that I'm playing (although, "playing" doesn't work since I was eliminated 2 rounds ago...) in a division less than my qualifications. That shows that the person has actually been checking out my profile and rankings and thinks highly of me in the subject of skill and ranking...but that's just me. Again, sorry if I upset you. I HOPE that you get a laugh and feel better about your skills though IF you haven't been secretly playing sm (or the like) this whole time instead of ffr just for the token...
mattman2005 writes...
at 12:17:17am on 8/20/09
It cut me off, here's the rest
********************************************************I'm not in D1 anymore, so I'm not doing it for myself, I'm trying to help the true D1 players out...
mattman2005 writes...
at 12:16:26am on 8/20/09
Ummm A2P is an idiot, btw, he complained about me "complaining" in the COMPLAINTS thread. Anyways, I was not talking "mad shit" about you, I was talking shit about aquaxero who is an obvious sandbagger of D1. I only mentioned your name because I think it's odd that you played synful sub 10-12 times and got a 9 good (where DarkTechnomancer, rank below you at time, got a 36 good after playing it 8 times). You most likely are legit, and I jumped the gun even mentioning your name...which I seriously apologize for that. But, so you know, I can tell that D1 is completely rigged, and unless you can pull some lvl 9 AAA's soon, the true cheaters of D1 will steal any chance you have of making top 8. I'm sticking up for the legits, and I only mentioned your name in that post and another where I stood up to you being a possible legit (and great D1 player at that), while trying to spot the fakes (like I STRONGLY believe aquaxero is).
I'm not in D1 anymore, so I'm not doing it for myself, I'm try
A2P writes...
at 11:38:36pm on 8/19/09
Yo some dude is talkin mad shit about you because you got 9g on your tourney song.
He's so mad lmfao
fullmetal_alchemist027 writes...
at 7:04:17pm on 8/11/09
:O been watching your progress in the tourny, and gratz for getting a better score on Mount Chorus! I thought you were gonna be eliminated XD I was about to too, but then i got 3-0-0-0. Anywho I think we should talk more! :D
tattered-soul writes...
at 8:56:43pm on 7/22/09
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