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I'm a college freshman that's studying culinary arts. (: That's all you need to know.
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I like pretty much anything. I'm starting to like some country and rap. Religion music? No thanks.
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championanwar writes at 4:43:42am on 8/8/12
What's wrong with being busy? You gotta do what you gotta do. Bet you make the best salads and stuff! DO IT AND BECOME RICH AND FAMOUS OMG!
championanwar writes at 7:20:23pm on 7/19/12
I'm gonna try and get on here some time a little more, I'm starting to want to come down here more and regain my love for the game or something so I'll be here a little more hehe. . What are you gonna be doing in the meantime? Do you want to go work or something?
championanwar writes at 1:43:56pm on 7/4/12
Not bad, just working hard to stay sane during my time at home. . excited for the weekend but slow life =3 Yourself?
championanwar writes at 10:04:38pm on 6/27/12
Cheryl! O:
All_That_Chaz writes at 3:03:23pm on 6/6/11
Yay college! I've been good. I finished the Spring semester and already finished a Summer course. I take one more Summer course in August then I can finally student teach in the Fall. Other than that I have a new girlfriend and I'm actually heading out right now to go see her. Toodles!
All_That_Chaz writes at 1:47:55am on 6/6/11
Aww I miss you too kiddo. How's life?
nuclearsamurai writes at 7:11:51pm on 3/14/11
You need more wall posts.
musical_vampire writes at 7:44:04pm on 3/6/11
~tackle hug~ raggle fraggle >:3
musical_vampire writes at 5:44:46am on 3/6/11
kay, better now :3
musical_vampire18 writes at 11:09:33pm on 3/4/11