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Former Winemaker Former Boardgame Store Owner Freelance Editor Book Reviewer Inveterate Nerd Bad at FFR
I play vidya games and binge watch things on netflix. I read a whole bunch of sci-fi and fantasy, and I do production editing for a role-playing game company and slowly but surely get into game design.
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I barely ever watch movies anymore. Nerd shit I guess.
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Misbehave (In This Cave)10-08-19
Sea of Dreams29-10-19
Secret Zombie Room v219-11-19
Passengers [Beginner]26-11-19
Fastest Pointer-Finger in the West31-12-19
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Comment wall
Kawaii025 writes at 1:51:00pm on 8/10/19
I AAA'd yo file. :P
Byste writes at 5:37:44pm on 1/20/17
I just discovered there's a credit transfer log. I had no idea you helped me with secret songs until now, I'm so sorry I never thanked you. With your help I got to some of my favorite songs :) THANK YOU SO MUCH. Means a ton to me.
hi19hi19 writes at 12:46:37pm on 7/1/16
Don’t forget: you’re here forever.
macchabee writes at 1:41:57am on 5/27/14
Whenever I see your forum contributions, I find myself agreeing. Well-spoken, good head on your shoulders there.
UserNameGoesHere writes at 7:20:23pm on 4/9/12
You're one of the site's most reasonable people injecting reason into an oftentimes unreasonable discussion and that is laudable. Namely, it is amazing (in a bad way) that there are still so many who take such a strong stance against other than stereotypical straightness based not on evidence nor on anything resembling sound reasoning but, rather, vague interpretations of ancient texts.
PrawnSkunk writes at 10:09:09pm on 10/1/11
devonin, you are LEGEN -- wait for it -- DARY!
nois-or-e writes at 5:59:17am on 10/1/11
One of the greatest minds to grace this site.
Good luck with everything. When I eventually get to Canada for a visit, def gonna have to catch up for a beer ;D
Panic4Me writes at 4:17:51pm on 9/30/11
Happy retirement! :D <3
ananana writes at 8:27:27am on 10/9/09
It was really hot the way you just.. deleted.. all those pointless posts...
cal607 writes at 10:38:16pm on 6/15/08
Your intellect scares the hell out of me! :D