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I was introduced to FFR by my brother sometime around 2005-2007. I eventually made an FFR account back then to play multiplayer, the name of the account was something like PowerOfDenial125. I've played FFR on and off ever since, but I was inspired to recreate an account to get access to songs made exclusive behind token barriers that used to be free. Now I'm enjoying FFR more than ever and really striving for improvement! I still struggle with basic consistency (AAAing songs even at ~10 difficulty is challenging to me!) but my skill is around the level where I can get <50 goods on songs in the 50s, and periodically have a hope of FCing songs in the 60s. (Last updated 1/11/17)
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Sanjixcon writes at 6:07:08pm on 1/20/17
haha no prob man :D glad I could help
Hakulyte writes at 12:07:53am on 1/11/17
@ link to levelranks:
It's under "Byste's Profile" in your profile with a bunch of other things too.
Hakulyte writes at 12:05:33am on 1/11/17
Settings -> Change Profile Style
For modifying things you use "Style Editor"
The FC/AAA/TPs bar is unrelated. It works with public level ranks. It updates itself every time you check your levelranks and it appears the moment you look at it. (or someone else does)
Hakulyte writes at 6:27:36pm on 11/23/16 probably worth a look for offset.
Hakulyte writes at 5:10:09pm on 11/23/16
Well, it's supposed to be possible to play this game with nearly no lag and this is by far what could make AAA so hard. *I played on non-optimized setup I couldn't even AAA difficulty <5 and I'm my desktop I have a AAA on a 88. Mech keyboards and laptop are usually better than standard keyboards. I don't know what your operating system, but I suggest you to go on and try Flash 9 with the R^3 link @^3.swf as a first test.
Hakulyte writes at 3:52:08pm on 11/23/16
Tournaments right now are not the best if you're in D1. Are you playing with both hands on letters? Do you have a comfortable speedmod? Do you know how to adjust judge offset to make it easier to not get goods? Does your keyboard register properly? Have you tried a standalone if you're having stability issues? Lots of questions that if answered properly, you can almost instantly get better.
Rapta writes at 12:41:32pm on 11/1/16
i c u