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ddrfreak9898's Gameplay Stats Today
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im ddrfreak9898 now known as Frozen Fido. mod of because him and John Mendenhall PWN! i'm 17 years old, and a junior in high school. im a latino dude that loves to hang at the arcade. and i love to play IIDX!
DDR'ing and ITG'ing Favorites:: Favorite ITG1 song: Utopia, Favorite ITG2 song: Bloodrush Favorite ITG3 song: Less Than Three, Favorite DDR song: Max.(Period), Favorite IIDX song: Brightness Darkness, Favorite Slake song: Breath/Music To Your Head, Favorite KaW song: Take Me Back, Favorite Banzai song: Ra, Favorite Inspector-K song: Clockwork Genises, Faavorite K-Bit song: Frozen Fire, Favorite KeeL song: ElectroClimatic, Favorite Oscillator X song: DJ Superstar, Favorite When Machines Dream song: The Neon Underground, Favorite DDR mix: 8th, Favorite Drum mania song: Toccutata, Favorite overall song: Brightness Darkness Favorite DDR Artist: Naoki Favorite ITG artist: KaW Hated DDR song: Rugged Ash Hated ITG1 song: Dreams Of Passion Hated ITG2 song: Typical Tropical Hated ITG3 song: (none), Hated overall ITG Stepchart: Pslam Pilot
Fav Music:
Slake!!, DJ Furax, DJ Sammy, KaW, Oscillator X, Orange Lounge, Blink 182, Chamaria, Metallica, Naoki, Machiane Surpremacy, Dust Devil, The Berzerker, Scott Brown, James Brown, The Gap Band.
Fav Movies:
PORNO :-D (^_^)v lol, j/k
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ddrfreak9898 writes...
at 5:45:18pm on 7/11/08
Im back! =D
RawMeat786 writes...
at 7:49:04pm on 12/27/07
hi! how good are u in FFR
i am pretty good myself, one of these days, u and me should play multiplayer!
~ninja~ writes...
at 10:47:22am on 9/25/07
hi how are you my name is john. I'm 16. hopewe can be frends. that would be so sweet!!!!!
Mapleleaf2102 writes...
at 5:34:34am on 9/11/07
happy b-day!!!

bombercat07 writes...
at 3:46:29pm on 8/15/07
heys! we havent talk in pretty much of a long time ^^
insomniac_platypus writes...
at 11:41:20pm on 7/14/07
adorable av!!
gummygummybear4 writes...
at 11:27:29am on 7/6/07
hey!!! i like ur avatar
tha Guardians writes...
at 4:23:33pm on 6/22/07
Nice mustache
Anyways, do you have deVyana's phone number?
zionzion writes...
at 1:09:09pm on 6/14/07
heyyyyyyyyyyyy,waz up???
bluemuffin_yoshi writes...
at 5:57:45am on 5/8/07
your welcome and thanks :)
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