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My Name is Renee i am 23 years old sorry I'm not on here as often as i used to be
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Adamaja456 writes at 8:07:03pm on 6/6/14
you da best <3
HugzandKisses writes at 3:03:17pm on 11/8/13
hey :D remember me ? :P
RawMeat writes at 1:10:50am on 11/3/13
Hey Renee! I'm totally digging Your Profile. I really like it. How u been?
Zeldagurlfan1 writes at 8:05:49am on 3/23/13
5653654635435763765 person to post on your wall
[HectoGtzMX] writes at 2:25:13pm on 8/26/12
Zeldagurlfan1 writes at 9:32:09am on 11/13/11
Awhhh!!<3 i interest you.
Sprite- writes at 11:20:46am on 10/12/11
heyyy :)
kcfp_Ice writes at 6:16:08pm on 10/3/11
You should share it with meeee. That way we can keep in touch since I don't log on this much. :)
PM it to me if you want.
Adamaja456 writes at 8:37:01am on 10/3/11
im doing really good. just started my 4th year of collegeeee. a little nervous once i finish school hah but i really wanna be a writer so hopefully i can find maybe a job at a newspaper or something to start me off :)
kcfp_Ice writes at 9:37:29pm on 10/2/11
I'm rarely on here. D: Do you have like a facebook or something I can add to keep in touch? :D
Msn, AIM, something? D:
Let me know!