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Я изучаю русский язык
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Trance. Happy Hardcore. Hardstyle.
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Whatever Milla Jovovich is in.
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i spinz t3h fyre
Posted on: January 18, 2008, at 01:57:41am   [9 comments]


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Cheezit1012 writes...
at 8:50:19am on 12/7/19
Devyana! It is me, cheezit! I want to talk to you in person! I am trying to contact you! I hope you and your mom are doing great! Please take care of mother nature! Please take care of the environments and ecosystems! Please take care of nature's entirity! Thanks! Thanks again! Please help me get reunited with devyana! Kung Klung 2004
tha Guardians writes...
at 4:33:51am on 10/17/19
you butt.
neobludragon writes...
at 6:53:26am on 11/17/14
so was browsing my old comments and remembered bout you and your fire spinning. Don't remember much else though. Anyways hope everything is cool on your end. Been like forever since i've talked to anyone from ffr, you're pretty much the only person that I use to talk to that still comes on anymore. Well at least from this year anyways.
tha Guardians writes...
at 6:30:21pm on 5/10/13
tha Guardians writes...
at 3:29:08am on 9/27/12
You're a sexy beast, pls rape my face.
~kitty~ writes...
at 1:40:22pm on 5/3/12
tha Guardians writes...
at 2:12:24am on 12/16/11
Hey, remember this game?
Tazmanian_Psycho writes...
at 8:04:57pm on 11/1/10
I love you toooooo <3 DEVYZ IZ MINE BITCHEZZ!!!
Tazmanian_Psycho writes...
at 7:43:53pm on 11/1/10
DeVy Baby!!! back to where it all began!! hehehe <3 <3
Kolrich writes...
at 9:57:13pm on 10/29/10
Thanks :D
I am, I'm visiting my ladyfriend in Ames, IA until the 4th
We neeeed multiplayyyyerrrr
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