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The Name's Nik.
FFR, Winning, Music, Football.
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Rave, Techno, Rock, Epic Rock, Epic anything really....
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Falos writes...
at 11:11:09pm on 6/2/19
12 years, and I thought I was old
Dinglesberry writes...
at 7:22:32pm on 9/21/16
Hehe yeah they are, especially when you are crafting two nats per ess ;)
Dinglesberry writes...
at 10:35:35pm on 9/15/16
Lol @ St Scarhand first step to D5... Start by playing the nuclear blast chart of St Scarhand young padawan, lolz
Ya I'm just randomly creepin profiles
Kawaii025 writes...
at 11:17:07pm on 9/10/16
Congrats on your St. Scarhand unlock! :)
sweet2kill210 writes...
at 7:23:53pm on 12/28/15
thank you, you are truly... *sunglasses* dabomb. YEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!
dabomb2223 writes...
at 11:32:37am on 11/7/14
Avg rank < 4000 sweet
Tim Allen writes...
at 1:25:16pm on 8/2/14
dabomb2223 writes...
at 11:53:14pm on 9/28/13
Avg rank < 5000! NICE!
DragonIIDX writes...
at 2:30:00am on 9/14/13
Thanks for the vote! I love LEGO Star Wars!
dabomb2223 writes...
at 11:27:09pm on 9/7/13
23 AAAs 230 FCs
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