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pretty chill guy. love playing video games, watching anime, reading manga etc. look me up on: osu!, xbox live, NintendoID as:chuybar777 always down to play with someone. just hit me up
beatmaniaIIDX DDR anime videogames FFR
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Don't mind any music as long as it's not country. Above all else though OSTER project followed by anything from Bemani
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Comment wall
Snapps writes...
at 5:38:47am on 2/3/21
AD4M-V writes...
at 11:00:31am on 8/23/16
Congrats on being D3 champ! That song was a beast.
JotaCeOK writes...
at 10:04:08pm on 8/13/16
Gracias, GLHF and may the best win
Shadowcliff writes...
at 3:09:36am on 8/13/16
Let's do this mang
chuybar writes...
at 1:47:30am on 8/6/16
round 7 hype
chuybar writes...
at 4:54:36am on 7/16/16
round 4 let's GO!!!!
chuybar writes...
at 4:02:28pm on 7/14/16
Round 4 hype
chuybar writes...
at 4:01:50pm on 7/14/16
Got into stepmania so that's nice
chuybar writes...
at 4:09:46am on 6/27/16
The worst part about having the same hardware from 7 years ago is the fact that I can't get into stepmania
chuybar writes...
at 3:58:55am on 6/27/16
7 years according to my ffr profile. wow. that means I started playing when I was 11. I remember playing for a while before the site went offline. Due being such a young kid I didn't know anything about the community, so I stopped playing altogether for that year two it was offline. I didn't bother to play stepmania because I didn't know how to set it up, hey I was like 12. After the site came back on I played for three months every year. never got good. it wasn't 2 years ago when my friend found out about osu! that I got back into the game; I started playing osu!mania 4k. now I am here. I still don't participate in the community, and worst of all im still using that same hardware from 7 years ago. Say what you will about me but it has been 7 years since I first touched this game
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