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Posted on: July 16, 2016, at 05:12:24am   [0 comments]
Well damn. It's my first tournament, and I made it to the finals. I did not expect this. And I just might want that t-shirt bad enough to push for #1. Good luck to everyone! I upvoted all of the survivors ;)
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Godnick writes at 8:08:01pm on 2/5/18
alright. Do you wanna know what the wish was. I had a few actually. One was that I can help accelerate human technology, medicine or genetics. Another was that I can find a dang silver quarter from 1964 and back through metal detecting. :astly I wish that everyday of your entire life is the most amazing that it can possibly be and that you see through to all of you're full potential that I believe runs through you and that something fantastic happens to you very soon. Told you it was too many but 11.11 might mean 4 wishes or something, thanks!
Godnick writes at 4:12:34am on 1/25/18
It's similar where you are, the climate shape, you're in a real monotonous part of the country, love beautiful NC. Lucky naster.
AD4M-V writes at 5:19:37pm on 8/26/16
Hey! It really flatters me to hear you liked the log, even if it wasn't official! Nice idea skill training, presumably on other (most likely harder) songs to help you with the final song. I think the error for me on my first tournament was pretty much strictly playing the song I had to survive on rather than surpassing the difficulty, watching first place slip by, haha. But anyways! You're most welcome. ^^ Congrats on taking third on your first tournament, again! Nice to meet you too.
AD4M-V writes at 10:58:37am on 8/23/16
Congrats with D3 third! Tough song for a final.
Dinglesberry writes at 12:37:27pm on 8/20/16
shadowcliff wheres the post tourney interview
whats his plans now? he gonna relax? or keep workin towards d5
chuybar writes at 8:42:36pm on 8/13/16
Best of luck mate.
JotaCeOK writes at 5:59:25pm on 8/13/16
Same to you :D
This will be a very even finish
Winrar writes at 3:53:38am on 8/13/16
Best of luck in the finals man!
Kiana Kaslana writes at 1:30:15am on 7/26/16
Thanks dude!
Sorry if i'm late but i'm not playing this too much at the moment. Anyways,thanks thanks for welcoming me :D
Vares writes at 7:12:12pm on 7/22/16
thanks!! you too