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Posted on: April 26, 2017, at 12:52:30pm   [2 comments]
Posted on: August 19, 2016, at 02:24:51pm   [0 comments]
An odd Tournament with odd scores and odd Division
[I will put my Screenshoots later].

1st Round: Follow You (feat. Danyka Nadeau) (Rhythmics Remix).
Score: 42,175 (838-11-0-0-0).
Place: 13th (FC).

Score: 60,175 (1201-5-0-0-0).
Place: 3rd (SDG).

3rd Round: Funny Funky Freaky.
Score: 61,415 (1219-19-1-1-1).
Place: 2nd.

4th Round: Heartache.
Score: 56,525 (1126-9-0-0-0).
Place: 3rd (SDG).

5th Round: Meteor Lights.
Score: 70,675 (1406-15-0-0-0).
Place: 1st (FC).

6th Round: Suicide Pact.
Score: 56,245 (1111-29-2-1-6).
Place: 3rd.

7th Round: 0×69.
Score: 72,815 (1439-36-1-2-4).
Place: 2nd.

8th Round: SpaceLand*TOYBOX.
Score: 67,750 (1331-51-3-2-14).
Place: 2nd.
Posted on: July 2, 2016, at 12:46:45am   [0 comments]
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furioso6660 writes at 9:47:00pm on 3/16/18
muchas gracias amigo , tu eres muy bueno tambien te felicito =)
furioso6660 writes at 8:51:35pm on 3/14/18
wow nivel 80 un genio = ) bueno yo me defiendo con mi nivel 50 pero juego bien , no como antes pero tranqui . me siento bien que hayan jugadores buenos de aca activos. = ) saludos y es un placer conocerte buena suerte.
furioso6660 writes at 3:47:35pm on 3/14/18
claro hablo de tus rankings en donde juegas = ) que tal te va en los otros lados mejor que aca ?
furioso6660 writes at 1:07:52am on 3/14/18
no suelo jugar stepmania solo juego aqui que tal te va en stepmania juegas por rankings tambien ?
furioso6660 writes at 8:07:34pm on 3/12/18
saludos desde buenos aires
furioso6660 writes at 4:14:04am on 3/12/18
hola que tal
AD4M-V writes at 5:25:14pm on 8/26/16
Sure thing! Just takes playing more and very often, haha. Figured piano exercises helped finger speed, too! But most of all, just have fun.
AD4M-V writes at 10:59:43am on 8/23/16
Congrats with D3 second! I was in your spot before, haha. Great work getting this far, anyways! Nowhere to go but up from now.
Josemba writes at 12:15:14pm on 8/14/16
VAMOS JOTA! Suerte viejo tu puedes!.
chuybar writes at 8:46:02pm on 8/13/16
Buena suerte en el final.