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FFR Grandtotal:6,099,619,240
FFR Games Played:14,510
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I am Frans813 and I have PDD with ADHD sympthoms. I play FFR with one hand(3fingers) from the first second I fell in love with Stepmania and FFR. I use Stepmania to release some energy now and then (Yes I play with feet). I also like to play other games like Runescape and some shooters. I hope you now know enough of me if you have any questions don't hesatate to click the PM Frans813 button it is there for a reason. My youtube Page ツ : Also I stream on Join Date: 18/09/2007
Gaming, Sleeping till noon, Going out with friend and my brother
Fav Music:
Metal, Screamo, Rock, Dubstep, Hiphop, 80's/90's
Fav Movies:
I like watching Thrillers and horror movies.
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Posted on: October 15, 2013, at 10:49:20am   [0 comments]
Finally Flash Flash Revolution has been added to the twitch Game data so I'll be streaming FFR more often ^-^
Posted on: June 21, 2012, at 02:34:39pm   [0 comments]
I just finished making my game account on Facebook if you would like to stay in touch with me you could add me on this account.
Posted on: April 9, 2012, at 07:29:40pm   [0 comments]

With thanks to Bynary Fission a couple years ago :D

Thought I'd add this here
I am uploading alot of videos on

That one is also linked to my Twitter
and my facebook

so use one of these links to follow my video's.

I upload frequent video's of gameplays and sometimes a random IRL FFR video.
Posted on: March 12, 2012, at 05:26:58pm   [0 comments]
AAA: 56
Level| Song
2 Etude in E Major
1 Free Space (FFR Edit)
1 Power
2 Counting Snow
2 Town Theme 1 (WIP Edition)
9 Fight Through The Forest
1 Sea Breeze
2 Baby Don't You Want Me
2 Dance 2 This
3 Tears of Remorse
3 When Petals Fall
2 Halcyon [SGX]
1 Trip to the Moon (Club Remix)
2 Prelude No.7
6 Norfolk Gals
2 Cid's Theme Piano Concerto
2 Hana Yuduki
6 Shu Kurimu no Uta
4 Lilium (Strings & Piano Remix)
2 Digital Atmosphere
5 Pita
3 Computer Dreams
8 Floating Bridge
3 Tower
1 SuperMario 8bit Eighties Remix
2 Fall Into Night
10 Tricky Concert
6 Space Entopy
2 Release
2 Love You Anymore
4 For Who I Am
4 Botu1
4 Eternal Struggle
4 This Beat is For Tha Streets!
3 Falling Into You
2 Activity Unbroken
4 Above
6 bitmapstar
4 Temple
10 Zelda Stormy
8 Dr Wily Theme V2
10 Secret Zombie Room
3 Driveway [Light]
5 Switchback [Light]
4 Kirilian changes
5 Blackout [The Flashbulb]
6 Kung Fu Koalas
9 Skate or Die 2
5 Soul Shift [FFR Edit]
3 Reaper
3 Sun and Star
7 After Altair
6 Kind im Eindsclummern
3 FF7 - Theme Aeris
5 You Are Not Confined

BF: 6
15 Tightrope City
4 NES-Style Eye of the Tiger
9 Tom Savini vs Gren Nicotero [Heavy]
17 Footsteps
7 Mocha Ocean
4 Eight Melodies

SDG: 23 ( LVLS not up to date aftwer the - line they are updated)
4 Louder Than Thunder
2 Imaginary Sky 133-7-0-0-3
4 Morning Glory 248-7-1-0-0
5 Footsteps
4 Skate or Die 2 158-7-1-0-1
4 Arrrrrr 258-9-0-0-1
5 A Christmas Carol
4 Tom Savini vs Greg Nicotero [Heavy]355-7-1-0-0
3 NES-Style Eye of the Tiger
5 Killer Dance floor 512-9-0-0-4
4 Metal Gear Solid Piano Remix
3 Switchback [Light] 399-8-1-0-0
5 Breaking the Common 560-7-0-0-1
2 Excite Bike
3 You're Not Alone Remix
22 American in Amsterdan[Heavy]
7 Field Of Snow [Light]
6 Kind im Einschlummern
2 Twisted Hide and Seek
Random Goals:

[X] FC 4 Full Pages in Legacy
[X] FC 1 Full Page in Dance
[X] FC 1 Full Page in Arcade
[X] FC 2 Full Pages in Rock
[X] FC 1 Full Page in Classic
[X] AAA 1 Full Page in Classic
[X] FC 2 Full Pages in Misc
[ ] FC 1 Full Page in Secret
[ ] FC 1 Full Page in Hip-Hop


Non-Public Scores:

1 Eien Meikyu
5 Calm (Short 'n' Slow Mix)
5 Tell
8 Ride of the Black Rider
4 Crying Soul
5 Blackout [The Flashbulb]
3 Strategem

Average Rank: 7,514.3082

AAA's: 53 | FC's: 246

You have FC'd 19.49% of all public songs.
You have AAA'd 4.2% of all public songs.
Posted on: February 22, 2012, at 06:08:18am   [2 comments]
Time to add some things to this thingy :D

OneHanded Tiers from this thread:
Total Tier Points: 5

Max Forever - Secret
(1) 500+ combo
Eternal Nightmare - Rock
(2) Full Combo
Flight of the Bumblebee - Classical
(1) 100+ Combo
AIM Anthem - Purchased
(1) 200+ combo

Onehanded Tokens from this thread:
Total Tokens: 2

The Patience Token
Reqs: FC three songs in a row that are 2:45 or longer.

The V2 Token
Reqs: FC at least two V2 songs in a row (Dr. Wily Theme V2, Stay With Me (Unlikely) V2, Rondo Alla Turca V2, etc).
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Logman6656 writes at 11:53:56am on 11/5/20
round 2 has started
Logman6656 writes at 7:48:23pm on 10/27/20
hey gl in the tourney
mrpreggers writes at 7:33:14pm on 8/16/20
What's up buddy how's it going
Logman6656 writes at 3:16:57pm on 7/26/20
i cant improve my score i almost did the other day but my game tabbed out
Logman6656 writes at 9:48:43pm on 7/23/20
the round 4 chart is tough gl on improvong
Logman6656 writes at 4:35:21pm on 7/8/20
Welcome to the AAA gang
MarcusHawkins writes at 5:11:01pm on 6/22/20
Indeed! I was going to comment during one of your streams, but you keep streaming when I sleep lmao!!
This OT will certainly be a good one!
Preg Jr writes at 12:21:41pm on 7/26/16
You got this man! Keep playing.
scusethetude writes at 2:28:58pm on 7/2/16
One-handed FTW! I'm too man
Bynary Fission writes at 1:46:19pm on 1/7/16
Hey man, haven't heard from you in forever! Glad to see that my advice is helping you become a better OH player. Keep up the good work!