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umm im very out going and funny i think and my name is jessie and im a girl lol and im 14 years of age 5'5 and i cant spell for **** lol umm im nice and i have blue eyes and blonde and pink hair lol i am very nice and i will help w
umm lets see i want to be a tattoo artist and i drAW and play drums in a band umm i like metting new people
Fav Music:
anything ecept country ut mostly i lke punk, rock, metal, heavey metal, and death metal
Fav Movies:
anything scary and gory
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Posted on: April 25, 2007, at 07:17:56pm   [0 comments]

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Wow I Can Get Sexual, Too
Posted on: March 9, 2007, at 08:10:18pm   [0 comments]

inside of a girl
Posted on: January 22, 2007, at 03:14:51pm   [0 comments]
if u looked inside a girl.........u would see how much she really cries, u would find so many secrets&& lots of lies but what u will see the most is how hard to stay strong when nothing is right and everthing is worng.

u talk
Posted on: January 22, 2007, at 03:04:25pm   [0 comments]
u talk mad shit and say it woth out a trace! come on and be a big girl and say it to my face! if u cant walk the walk dont talk the talk! cuz fake lil bitches get out lined in chalk!!!!

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ibecrazy writes...
at 3:16:59am on 6/26/08
sup killer page
Charlie rulez lmao
fob_is_love_xErinx writes...
at 6:50:13pm on 3/2/08
heyy. how are you?
i havent been on in like..forever!
nobody remembers me. :O lol
Zach R writes...
at 4:02:19pm on 11/22/07
Happy Thanksgiving!
TenThousandFists writes...
at 7:58:13am on 11/2/07
I adore your pictures ^^
Zach R writes...
at 10:20:46pm on 10/31/07
Happy halloween!!
DarkDeadAngel writes...
at 10:41:13pm on 9/6/07
hows ti going
i havent been on in
forever srry bout that!!
kyuubisasuke from khani writes...
at 11:27:16pm on 8/16/07
happy beans writes...
at 7:56:49pm on 8/8/07
im not gay someone got om my file that *itch
BBoyGNF writes...
at 12:58:02pm on 8/7/07
oh.... well how are you
BBoyGNF writes...
at 8:10:41am on 8/6/07
o.o where the hell you been i miss you :'(
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