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About me:
Hey, im Anthony.Im 18, just graduated High School. I have a pretty interesting life, its been interesting since the beginning actually, but im very stubborn, and at the same time optimistic, so I dont let things get in the way of my happiness. I guess I can describe myself as apathetic, because actions dont really influence my emotions, im just happy 24/7 and yeah i dont let things get in the way of what I dont wanna do. I guess this is the quality that people like in me, which is why people like talking to me, or being around me, its a quality im proud of, and its something that makes me. I know i can sound like a cock sometimes, but im really not haha. I just like to make people happy, i feel like people need to laugh more often, you know? Might brighten up a day.
Judo, T.V., Working out, sleep, eat, partyy, and making people laugh.
Fav Music:
Indie, Alternative, Grunge, Brittish rock/ techno, anything overseas really
Fav Movies:
Dark Knight, get them to the greek, Hangover
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Posted on: March 22, 2012, at 01:17:36am   [0 comments]

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This song, has me walking on the moon
Posted on: November 8, 2011, at 11:00:17pm   [2 comments]

Posted on: October 17, 2011, at 04:43:36pm   [1 comment]
I luv em

Posted on: September 16, 2011, at 11:25:14pm   [1 comment]
people are soo anal about little things. Like in what way should caps lock bother someone? How bout how nerdss argue online? how can you get offended by people you dont even know, and by text? its all just 0's and 1's. And how bout the term "n0ob"? haha you feel soo good establishing a rep online? how bout going out to the real world and get shit donee. It'll eat you alive. Now the kids that can Balance both lives, I respect them. But talk is cheap, and people can obviously afford to spend their energy on nonesense online. haha, and those are some of my peeves. Just take it easy kidss. Its a social environment, have fun, play some ffr, and most importantly, enjoy your youth.

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xpickxupxyourxfeetx writes...
at 1:24:13pm on 2/18/13
Well, I fucked up in HS so I can't get in to Ramapo unless I were to transfer but there are good schools I can get into first try so I am going to University in the next year or two depending if I continue the schooling I choose
xpickxupxyourxfeetx writes...
at 11:54:20pm on 2/17/13
thanks so much! congrats to where you go:]
I've decided what I am doing, though.
Something a lot of people don't really believe in but, I know it's worth it, you know?
Fire_and_theDarkness writes...
at 10:34:45pm on 2/6/13
its been a while :) hey
kenzie bear writes...
at 7:31:41pm on 10/26/12
Text me sometime, would ya?!(:
billymaysheeer writes...
at 3:33:50pm on 8/20/12
im sorry we dont serve that here
kenzie bear writes...
at 5:53:01pm on 8/1/12
S4mantha writes...
at 11:56:06am on 8/1/12
Thaanks :)
dxxxbomb writes...
at 11:21:30am on 7/29/12
haha no idea what you were talking about but yeahh bro wassssup
billymaysheeer writes...
at 5:35:05pm on 7/23/12
dxxxbomb writes...
at 11:15:03pm on 7/21/12
hahaha say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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