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SavannaGurl writes at 4:55:59pm on 8/18/11
Thanks for the vote! :) your profile is... bright lol
the_dark writes at 10:18:27pm on 1/22/11
hey whats up
the-enjoi-beast writes at 5:41:48pm on 1/19/11
was up
AznDreamers writes at 1:20:11am on 12/2/10
oh hehe d: anytime! ^^(: and thanks for your vote tooo! (:
AznDreamers writes at 12:18:15am on 11/30/10
hehe d: Hiii! ^^ i like your profile! its prettty great ^^ (:
L_eMo_N writes at 11:40:21am on 10/23/10
haha that's really good man.. ffr actually just got up a week to 2 weeks ago, so you made it just in time xD
and that's wonderful man, relationships are always good, especially long term ones. i have been in a relationship for 2 years, 2 months now.
but yah, anyhoo! i do see you still have your mad skills haha, my fingers have become soooo musically DECLINED, but im slowly getting it back. i joined a tournament, so i'm whoring all the guru master songs.
i think i joined a division way above my league >.<
L_eMo_N writes at 10:44:36am on 10/22/10
heyyy, of course i remember you, its been wayyy too long >.<
hows everything been for you in the past 4 years?