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I really don't have much to say about myself I am a very dark person end of discussion
I have many things to put here but my main interests are EMO'S I love them, my friends, I LOVE SUSAN,TOMMY,TOMMY,NICK,JOSHY and everyone of my homies!!!music,including but not limited to from first to last,AFI,Evans blue,Panic! at the disco, FlyLeaf,and much more...I also like to read..*laughs on the inside* I LOVE JTHM!!(Nny)
Fav Music:
I LOVE DANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!! A7X, hollywood undead, alesana
Fav Movies:
Movies written by Tim Burton and movies starring Johnny Depp AND!!! scary movies..
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conor is so funny!
Posted on: February 12, 2007, at 08:09:01pm   [0 comments]

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i just wanna break you down...
Posted on: January 18, 2007, at 07:25:42pm   [0 comments]

I love invader zim and aqua!
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Roxas*_^ writes...
at 3:42:02pm on 2/22/08
OMG I havent Talk To You Since I Started! Do You Have An IMVU? Well My Name Is RawrXcupcakes! Talk To Me!
full.instrumental writes...
at 11:45:52pm on 11/11/07
FFTL rock my non-existent jocks. yup yup yup. damn sonny for leaving though. he's hawwwwt. mmmm i'm in a bit of a skitzo mood, sorry bruh!!
S0ftball cutie writes...
at 2:05:11pm on 9/8/07
cute avatar u get thumbs up,<3333
splooj writes...
at 2:40:18pm on 7/1/07
nuthin really, how bout urself?
splooj writes...
at 12:02:23am on 6/15/07
hey buddy haven't talked to u in a while lol
ZombiexHearts writes...
at 8:05:20am on 5/28/07
hey wuz up its twiztedgoth i changed my name i havent been on here in ever
Roxas*_^ writes...
at 8:05:22pm on 5/22/07
Peace ^_^
Roxas*_^ writes...
at 8:05:01pm on 5/22/07
Lol Thats a long time
1337h4xz0r writes...
at 6:45:27pm on 5/22/07
Lol, can't get my youtube movies to work
babbymisfits writes...
at 9:09:53pm on 5/21/07
hey was up?its tigerarmygirl aka babbymisfits
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