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im zack r fair im a smartass when someone says something stupid or friends call me thor, 7, bear, grizzly, or break. i studder alot when i talk to people cause i get really nervous, i look on the brightside alot even though bright things never really happen to me so haha i try and help anyone i can when i can, i like to meet new people and making new friends i also really love shooting anything im really good shot when it comes down to it, i am also a writer and i hope to have my first book out by the end of the year wish me luck
i like reading comments on my pictures, and random thoughts lol, i also like anime, i like going outside like playing soccer football any kind of sport really, airsoft, talking, me and my friends all ways find something dumd and/or stupid to do in spare time and try to get it on camra i like to play the paino and gutiar, i day dream alot about lots of stuff.
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something in everything
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to many to put onto this
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Posted on: May 7, 2008, at 09:44:07pm   [5 comments]
..._...|..__________________ __, ,
....../ `–-___________–– ;_____|] = = = D
.....), –-.(_(__) /
....// (..) ), ––"

Posted on: February 26, 2008, at 12:06:32am   [4 comments]

Posted on: October 27, 2007, at 12:57:54am   [2 comments]
you really know what ticks me off...people who hate you..your friends...and everything about you untill you get something they liek they all of a *&%$@#! sudden there your best friend in the whole &^$%*^# world and wanna be around you non-stop....then when you forget that thing they liked it is back to normal treating you like a pile of &^%! and....and then they have the nevre to come up to you next time you have that speical thing and act all *&$@%^$ buddy buddy ^#$^ and wanna be your friend again and alot the time people will just continue that cycle and treated like &%$^ how many days of the month year or whatever...i wouldnt let the ^&%$#@ near me ever again i dont give a &$^$ if he paid me i didnt do anything to desevre that treatment so he can go *&^% himself in some *&$%*!^ coner for all i care

Posted on: July 11, 2007, at 03:44:45pm   [0 comments]
when you say you love someone and they say something that cuts through you like a knife...and when they are that mean how can you be sure you are ready for love someone or even like someone after that...then you hope that others you might ask arent like that. cause you not knowing if you can handle another put down like that...maybe it is who you are..but you cant be like who they want you to can only be one person and one person is who you are..your not the guy up the street or...the people in the are you and if they dont like it either they can change or they anit for you...dont be afriad to be who you are...not everyone is going to like you...nut the ones that are cool and nice to you are the ones you will remember forever the ones you might grow to know forever...ever has their problems...but some people will like you with these problems and others wont

Posted on: July 11, 2007, at 03:37:45pm   [3 comments]
i love being with people...friends, family. i love meeting my friends lovers...boyfriends, girlfriends. and i cant help but think about how lucky they are. they have someone that brings them happiness...and i never going to have that feeling of wipping a tear of her faceor the other way around...the feeling of holding her close to you when something bad has happened...the feeling of protection when you protect them from something or someone you being their armor and their weapon to smit whomever try's to harm her....and holding her close to you after and saying "no one will ever hurt you as long as im here".

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Unregisteredsuzana4u writes...
at 4:00:12pm on 7/15/11
Hello Dear,
My Name is suzana I saw your profile today in and i stopped to take a very good look at it because you sounded very sweet and nice.
Please I want you to know that i will be intrested to know you better because you sounded very sweet in your profile and i will like us to become friends and know eachother the more.
Here is my email address ( ) send me an email today and i will send you my pictures and tell you more about me please!
Yours forever,
(Remember that distance,age or colour does not matter in a real
relationship but love matters alot).
I am waiting for your reply now
manga_freak101 writes...
at 5:13:54pm on 2/18/11
Master Hakuoh9872 writes...
at 4:58:01pm on 1/23/11
Thanks for the vote, man. Feels good that FFR's back, but why didn;t I find out sooner? And does everyone know it yet?
surfer01girl writes...
at 5:19:15pm on 10/27/10
mmhm! how have you been? :)
Nampire_of_Darkness writes...
at 9:51:03am on 10/27/10
oopsie xD i meant to hit my friend for the apple comment.
BUT! your welcome! :D
Nampire_of_Darkness writes...
at 9:47:14am on 10/27/10
Timcanpy writes...
at 8:18:47pm on 10/26/10
Otaku_Penguin writes...
at 2:18:41pm on 10/24/10
Thanks friend!
cornet lover writes...
at 11:56:37am on 10/24/10
same here:D
cornet lover writes...
at 11:25:30pm on 10/23/10
yep:3 i like ventus, aqua, and terraXD
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