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Are you alive?
Posted on: October 13, 2016, at 04:15:32pm   [0 comments]

Posted on: December 7, 2011, at 04:16:12am   [1 comment]
Was here 12/2011.

16 members.. thanks guys
Posted on: June 18, 2007, at 01:04:27pm   [3 comments]
Mossstar02= Kyri
Element= Water

$hadow Star= Andrew
Element= Darkness

Frozen Star= Joe
Element= Ice

Terra Star= Hana
Element= Earth

Kaji Star 666= Jane
Element= Fire

Inferno Star= Brian
Element= Fire

Devious Star= Sammy
Element= Darkness

Scythe Star= Anthony
Element= Steel

Radiant Star= Ray
Element= Light

Iron Star= Eddy
Element= Steel

Chronos Star= Aaron
Element= Time

Tsunami Star= Julian
Element= Water

*Spirit Star*= Tia
Element= Spirit

Aura star= Okami
Element= Aura

Zap Star= Jay
Element= Electricity

Thunderstar= Snipe
Element= Electricity

I love her! And i love this song! XD
Posted on: March 17, 2007, at 01:31:20am   [1 comment]

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fullmoon99 writes...
at 4:55:21pm on 12/26/12
knock knock. :3
kyuubisasuke from khani writes...
at 1:19:54am on 1/2/12
<333 I freakin miss you dude. You were my childhood on ffr.
kyuubisasuke from khani writes...
at 11:29:44pm on 12/8/11
fullmoon99 writes...
at 1:26:55pm on 7/16/11
hey you. :] remember me? finally decided to get back on here and throught i'd say hi. lol.
all_hope_lost♥ writes...
at 3:03:29pm on 8/22/09
hey kid whats crackin?? havent talked to you in while. a loooooooong while
smileybabe41licious writes...
at 4:21:29pm on 6/4/09
hey member me
buttiful_babygirl writes...
at 2:09:11pm on 3/21/09
all of u need to stay away from mi husband grrr
Christy-Gore writes...
at 4:13:56pm on 10/16/08
Hey budd.
BladeMasterZain writes...
at 9:50:27pm on 10/4/08
OMFG WHERE ARE J000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111ONE
kiki_124 writes...
at 10:07:15pm on 7/27/08
ummm hii =]]
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