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Posted on: February 22, 2007, at 06:58:14am   [0 comments]

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moondoggie_luv writes...
at 11:09:04am on 5/26/08
XxKeyBladesxX writes...
at 2:31:50am on 3/27/08
Heyy, Sweeet profile/avatar!!!! XPP
KiNgDoM hEaRtS wOOt!!!
ffX_master writes...
at 6:44:30pm on 11/13/07
you posted on my wall so long ago and i never posted back...what up man...and i think im pretty good...thanks...and i bet ur good too man!
Sakura-chan no Oto writes...
at 9:22:02am on 9/16/07
Awesome avatar and profile!
burningeyes88 writes...
at 11:38:36am on 7/16/07
grrr start playin
JordFlashTeam writes...
at 2:24:50pm on 7/6/07
*8 months later* lol i've found how to add myself to my buddy list.. Wtf
austen parker writes...
at 2:21:48pm on 6/21/07
yo....whats kickin'?
Devilsmen writes...
at 1:49:32pm on 6/18/07
hello riku lol. how are ya?!
burningeyes88 writes...
at 6:57:07pm on 6/11/07
or motlo
burningeyes88 writes...
at 6:56:58pm on 6/11/07
mabye in a week if u whore like stv non stop
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