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Posted on: June 7, 2012, at 01:39:02pm   [0 comments]

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XxXMetalheadXxX writes...
at 10:24:11pm on 5/26/17
If you ever log back in, I just wanted to say i appreciated the time that we spent talking years ago.
Thanks for the memories. If you wish to ever get ahold of me - see my last random thought.
- Adam.
Sidek writes...
at 9:42:52pm on 1/11/13
sick avatar lololol
_Ashuku writes...
at 9:15:08pm on 12/5/12
oh dude ever listen to whirr? or whirl, well apparently they go by Whirr, check em out! amazing ass band
Hmmm funny games, sounds fucked up.........i'll check it out! lol
_Ashuku writes...
at 8:32:19pm on 12/4/12
but srsly we got some catchin up to do! lol
_Ashuku writes...
at 8:30:57pm on 12/4/12
Title is just "Oldboy" in case you were wonderin
_Ashuku writes...
at 8:30:21pm on 12/4/12
I listen to 2NE1 a lot , they're kpop lol I dont know if that'd be surprising to you or not. Dude I just recently beat Persona 4 Golden , fucking perfect game, you can do anythin wid it, you can eat food and play it, you can bring outside, you can play in class when you're bored, EXCELLENCE right there! Oh yeah but i've recently got into kanye west , Odd Future, some indie rock. Want an awesome movie? Oldboy, heads up,MINDFUCK.
m0de writes...
at 10:41:09pm on 12/3/12
bring it
_Ashuku writes...
at 5:11:20pm on 11/18/12
The sun, sky and the universe son! naw but um doin good i dont really know what to say since we haven't chatted in so long Dx
m0de writes...
at 10:22:27pm on 11/17/12
hoo hoo dilly in the uh oh b0x
m0de writes...
at 10:57:54pm on 11/15/12
ps youre cute. also faggots. cause yeah.
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