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i am 14 years old. i have brown hair and eyes. i like all kinds of energy drinks. i am a parkourist(tracuer) kinda.i like to sleep and i like 1337. wootsicle(johnny) is my cuz and my bestest friends are darkevilfish(eric), ~sheneen~(allanah), and dcr.
i love parkour, snowboarding, butterfly knive manipulation, ddr, fire, isketch, trigun, ruroni kenshin, naruto, and all kinds of anime. and also afgahnastanamation. and I LOVE FLASH FLASH REVOLUTION!!!
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the matches, nine inch nails, the academy is, smile empty soul, billy talent, armor for sleep, avenged sevenfold, the ovalteens, and operation cliff calvin, and the arctice monkeys.
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shaun of the dead, the bondock saints, slc punk, super troopers, jackass 1&2, harry potter 1-5, akira,the punisher, hot fuzz, district b13, kung fu hustle
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my favorite math problem
Posted on: October 11, 2007, at 01:37:51pm   [3 comments]

Posted on: September 30, 2007, at 07:22:28pm   [4 comments]
the air fills your lungs
you do not embrace it
but desperatly wish for it to go away
you feel there is no point in living
and there isn't
nothing has a point
we are all here because
just because
nothing else beyond that
accept it
or you will be left behind

another poem

the cold winter breeze
brushes against your cold red cheeks
nothing but wind howling


another poem

Getting no where
With all this fighting
But yet it seems to have a point
And invisible penetrating tip
Cutting into our souls
Cold and dark like it always is
But still
Darker than normal
Colder even yet
I sleep to escape
The key is in my dreams
Though unattainable because I do not dream
I only regenerate my body
Dark circles under my eyes
An allergy to your words
A sleeplessness from the pain
The mental you’ve caused
And the physical that was caused by me
The color of blood may make me sick
Yet it heals me all the same
And makes a barrier from you
A barrier needed
Needed to survive
Now I sleep
To not wake up
In hopes to escape you
In hopes to escape life

nicer poem

Your face eclipses the sun
But the sun pails in comparison to your warmth
Your glow
And the moon like your eyes
Big and bright
I have never seen the cold stare of those two moons
But only the luminous loving gaze of my lone and only

Every time you walk away
I think
I think about the times we’ve spent
Just sitting in the grass
As the sun goes down
As the nights cold grasps me
Your warmth keeps it at bay
It feels like the sun has just reappeared
But I was not hosted by the sky
But by your eyes
Like a bonfire
Its heat reddens my skin
Or is it just your beauty
Making me blush a crimson red

my messed up h@nds
Posted on: September 6, 2007, at 09:27:11pm   [1 comment]

the dumb song
Posted on: September 3, 2007, at 06:58:01pm   [0 comments]

Posted on: June 22, 2007, at 04:16:33pm   [5 comments]

im so []D[][]V[][]D

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~sheneen~ writes...
at 7:40:18pm on 11/5/08
Ooh that's deadly!! xD
~sheneen~ writes...
at 4:29:38pm on 11/5/08
Lol, yeah me too. Sorry I havn't responded for a while. My old computer broke and I just got a new one today. =]
~sheneen~ writes...
at 12:14:27pm on 11/1/08
Oooh lol. I thought it was maybe a private school or something =3
~sheneen~ writes...
at 12:37:57pm on 10/30/08
You got in trouble for wearing a hoodie? What's wrong with that lol, I wear one everyday. Yeah, office for gum is a regular for everyone lol.
~sheneen~ writes...
at 2:10:26pm on 10/27/08
Mm, okay I guess. Exact same thing as every other day..
School's boring, in trouble for listening to my iPod in class, relationship is fine, friends are the same, we all hate Melodie. lol
How about you?
~sheneen~ writes...
at 12:27:37pm on 10/27/08
~sheneen~ writes...
at 10:09:44am on 10/26/08
Uhh x.x
You're not ugly.
~sheneen~ writes...
at 8:17:06am on 10/25/08
Ahaha awesome. What do they think about you??
~sheneen~ writes...
at 6:08:31pm on 10/24/08
Like as in "She's good looking" or like as in "I like you" haha, and how many is a few?? xD
~sheneen~ writes...
at 11:56:19am on 10/23/08
Somethings like what? Hah, I don't get it.
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