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i play guitar, and i cook. yay!
the interesting
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acoustic guitar and solo piano hold my heart. but my background is metal and grunge
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Posted on: December 6, 2009, at 11:58:32am   [4 comments]
im gonna start playing ffr again!.
so talk to me!
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Posted on: October 10, 2008, at 10:57:59pm   [4 comments]
okay...well im teaching myself a new way to im just gonna sit here and type a whole bunch of randomness, because i am a little bored and need better typing skills. so im gonna be rambling on for a while. and notify me if i have any misspelled words. because that would bug me, and i dont want to take the time and read this over again, and, im an idiot for writing such nonsense...considering even I wouldnt read this far, the chances of any of you making it this far deserves a pat on the back and a job well done for have probably lost braincells by this point due to the lack of integrity or organization of my writing. but even so, you have done well (whoever you may be) by making it this far and deserve applauding.looking around i notice that i have three un eaten chicken..things from some place i can not recall, and a glass sitting with no liquid, because it is now in my belly, *note == i keep hitting "g" instead of "f"..and it is annoying the crap out of me. == anyways due to the fact that the rest of us have already stopped reading, the chances you are actually still reading this are about the same as a bear falling out of the sky, and beating you to a bloody pulp with a rubber chicken. not that i would wish that upon anyone...also, i have a zit on my lip..its piercing pain is that of something incredible. and i am actually considering biting a small portion of my lip off so i wont have to deal with the zit any longer..........
my lip is now bloody., much like the unfortunate Samaritans who were beaten by the those of you who have read this far..why?, the rest of us have forgotten about this whole experience and moved on, aside from the bear beating up someone with a rubber chicken,..that good laugh will stay in the thoughts of many..but honestly, the rest of us have disregarded the fact that this is quite possibly the most irrelevant thing ever written and or read, and we have all moved on with our lives.
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surfer01girl writes at 3:45:49pm on 10/28/16
Hey Austen. Sending early happy birthday wishes your way ^___^. I'm going out of town tomorrow so this is my only chance to send anything on here. I truly hope you have an awesome birthday! Have tons of fun and be safe.
I hope you and Pashu are doing well.
Love you
surfer01girl writes at 6:49:19pm on 10/28/15
Happy early birthday Austen!!!! :D.
I figured I'd send happy Lamprey stress-free birthday vibes your way tonight in case I couldn't reach my computer tomorrow. I have a ton of meetings and classwork :C.
I wish I could make you a birthday cake or chocolate chip cookies! Maybe next time.
Either way,
I love you very much, have time to relax, and be safe.
surfer01girl writes at 4:39:00pm on 1/14/15
I am too, but it doesn't say you're on baby
surfer01girl writes at 4:34:24pm on 1/14/15
i just pm'd you your information honey.
I'm incredibly upset right now. I really wish you'd just get your own new phone so we don't have all this drama :C
surfer01girl writes at 8:43:16am on 10/29/14
Happy Birthday Austen! :D. I hope you have an amazing day today full of cake and happiness.
I love you :).
surfer01girl writes at 5:02:25pm on 10/22/14
Call me tonight or tomorrow baby. I need your help with some things.
I love you
surfer01girl writes at 6:30:01pm on 10/7/14
Good luck on the tourney :3
surfer01girl writes at 9:42:18pm on 9/25/14
surfer01girl writes at 9:42:02pm on 9/25/14
so this happened
xD there aren't really any cute lamprey pictures on the internet.
I mean, we only chose the most horrifying creature on the planet to signify our love
surfer01girl writes at 12:17:49pm on 8/26/14
Call me as soon as you read this baby, it's very important.
I love you.