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Uploaded on November 19, 2007 at 05:30:36pm

Picture Comments

  1. Naruto Rocks u get a Free vote

  2. you're super cute! n.n

  3. <3
    But even though you're 21, you're still cute :3

  4. u ish moi smexi ^^

  5. haha, you look my friend Ian...only cooler :P

  6. ily <3

  7. haha, thank you. I'm actually 21 years old, but people can mistake me for like 16, I find it pretty funny though. Who wouldn't want to look young forever? ^_^

  8. :O I woulda thought you were an old man...but seeing these....You're cute ;D

  9. That's pretty much exactly how i pictured you in my mind before i saw this picture.

  10. lmao failed attempt at cool pose

  11. :O
    Your cute ^.^

  12. i love ur naruto background

  13. Xelius! ^-^

  14. hihi Xeliusss~~

  15. Spiffy! ;]

  16. There's the infamous Xelius. ;)

  17. Naruto wallpaper on your PC ;]

  18. i say that to everyone so don't get offended >.>

  19. HOLY %$@! , it's you, ur hot ^^

  20. My failed attempt at a cool pose. Behind me is where all the ffr magic happens. ^_^