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*Mew* writes...
at 11:07:21am on 6/24/08
Mew! mew! (thank you, thank you) ^^
psychopete writes...
at 10:34:42am on 6/24/08
First, I know ya? xD
"haha, that belt looks like the same one that link from windwaker wears :P"
It's a messenger bag, actually. :X Used to deliver mail.
AniMeowzerz writes...
at 2:37:56pm on 6/20/08
Rofl, do I know you? O_o
choc_banana_split writes...
at 4:56:45pm on 3/3/08
luigi is the best! (way better than mario!)
halo3pwn writes...
at 5:13:02pm on 2/29/08
nintendo 64
guyofgod writes...
at 5:31:35pm on 2/21/08
Mabey I'll post some in a little while. Just keep checking :P
TouchMeeBaybee writes...
at 3:48:58pm on 2/21/08
i want to here one
of the riddles??
Rebirth0 writes...
at 12:43:20pm on 2/18/08
sure rofl
gizzmo53220 writes...
at 12:17:41pm on 2/2/08
guyofgod writes...
at 9:55:02pm on 2/1/08
haha, I had a feeling that was how you were saying it....haha.
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