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Uploaded on December 16, 2007 at 10:35:11am

Picture Comments

  1. cutie,!

  2. Taekwondo only strengthens your legs, so I have been going to the gym to make up for it. I guess I buffed up some, at least that’s what everyone tells me. XD

  3. Wow, you look kinda buff.

  4. aww ur cute much

  5. Wow. You look buff. Nice phone, despite the loss of the battery covering. xD

  6. It's actually a phone (hence the crappy quality), but it kind of looks like a camera from the back. The black part is the battery, I lost the cover, so it pops out from time to time. >_<

  7. love the hair
    ur camera is soo tiny lol

  8. Hai Xelius. :]

  9. or drunk , lol xD

  10. Another pic, I think I fell a sleep while taking this. ^^