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rajdaddy's Gameplay Stats Today
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"That's the beauty of music. They can't get that from you... Haven't you ever felt that way about music? Here's where it makes the most sense: You need it so you don't forget. Forget that... there are places in this world that aren't made out of stone, that there's something inside... that they can't get to, that they can't touch, that's yours"-Andy Dufrense Now let me get one thing straight You know what? Sometimes I do wish apples were our currency, so the hoarded millions rot in their vaults, and that'd teach you to lay off the assualt that you're barraging on the lands of the poor, and I know we've all got enough problems of our own, but they're not show stoppers sitting on our throne in a home, heated by a life unknown to the exploited And it's so frustrating; the fucking state we're in! How fucking cute is our ignorance. I don't take this game too seriously [Hence my average rank] but i love it [Hence my overall rank]
Music, weed, nighttime, sex, Kayla<3, dreams, Guitar Hero, mysterys of life, fate, my dog, space, aliens, sex, my glasses, corndogs, drugs, pianos, guitars, drums, peace, sex with my girlfriend, Winter, parties, partying, music, harmony, hippies, San Fransisco, sex with your girlfriend, curry, sleeping, money, singing, screaming, pipes, bongs, blunts, friends, talking shit to ffr kids etc. etc. MYSPACE.COM/MUSIKNOTEZ
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Current Playlist: Enter Shikari, All Time Low, Kings Of Leon, BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, ,Elysia, The Early November, Every Time I Die, Jonny Craig, I Am The Ocean, CIRCA SURVIVE, ANTHONY GREEN, Miss May I, Rediscover, Whitechapel, August Burns Red, Cry Of The Afflicted, Dance Gavin Dance, Chelsea Grin, Confide, Jacks Mannequin, Something Corporate.
Fav Movies:
Lion King August Rush Forgetting Sarah Marshall Knocked Up Pineapple Express [No particular order]
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Random Thoughts
Such Great Heights cover
Posted on: September 28, 2009, at 10:54:14am   [2 comments]

My stats are a bad representation of my skills
Posted on: September 20, 2009, at 10:49:20pm   [0 comments]

Best FC(s):Perfect Cherry Storm, Blue Army, Southern Cross, V Beta...and some others..

Best AAA's: Yoshis Cookie, Harry Potter, Hatten Carnival, Song For All Time..

Best Non AAA's: Silence (6), uhmm and some others..too lazy.

My PA is awesome on 9's and 10' and some 11's...I just can't get the AAA's.

Also, I will not go back and work on my average rank, I lack the attention span and patience to play easy songs!

We are the world, and we are the people.
Posted on: September 18, 2009, at 09:44:12pm   [0 comments]
I just woke up to a land where killing is part of every day,
and every mind in this intelligent species
is then blinded into the battlefield,
like it's natural for us to break instead of build.

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mRpREggERs writes...
at 5:10:02pm on 12/9/12
dicks in our hands.. lazlo forever ruined lol
Enerxy writes...
at 7:10:22am on 10/24/10
Noice music taste. Except the part about White Chapel. nononononononononono, whitechapel sucks D:
Flaming_Dingleberry writes...
at 2:23:39am on 12/17/09
I've gone to great lengths for much less. If he wasn't concerned of my knowledge of the raping, why should he be concerned about police knowledge? And if he's concerned about people knowing about the rape, why'd he do it? It's very confusing.
Flaming_Dingleberry writes...
at 1:48:57am on 12/17/09
Hey, this dude raped my mom in front of me and I know where he lives. Should I snitch?
Nah, that'd be lame.
Devilsrejectedsoul writes...
at 7:44:43pm on 11/30/09
lol that not even all of my fav bands lol but which ones you like :o
Chasing leprechauns writes...
at 4:46:11pm on 11/12/09
Hey no problem. Your pretty good at this game.
chuckthebeaver writes...
at 5:29:51pm on 10/27/09
haha and how did you get banned?
chuckthebeaver writes...
at 8:12:28pm on 10/26/09
dude how is it? i havent heard much of there stuff in a while
argo15 writes...
at 1:35:48pm on 10/26/09
hahaha best siggy ever, love it.
Emo_Saur_ writes...
at 2:34:08pm on 10/24/09
It'll be on youtube soon I'm sure. haha
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