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Posted on: July 15, 2009, at 08:26:03pm   [0 comments]
212 left to go ._.

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Mulie writes...
at 12:01:58am on 11/4/10
mfdat phantom writes...
at 1:02:48pm on 11/3/09
no I couldn't :( some friends invited me to do something but couldn't go. But did you have a good time? :)
mfdat phantom writes...
at 9:26:57pm on 11/2/09
Super bubble! whats up?!
mfdat phantom writes...
at 9:18:14pm on 10/17/09
that sounds nice. :D I know a little of piano myself. And well previously to college I used to work on it at the church I was assisting so I know a little about it. :)
AngelsFlight123 writes...
at 5:40:58pm on 10/17/09
hey it been so long snice i talked to u
mfdat phantom writes...
at 8:41:09pm on 10/15/09
hahahah dont be so bad with yourself :P anything is posible. ...or most of the things. :P and yeah good routine I can say that. and yeah good question, do you have a talent like that (singing drawing etc)?
mfdat phantom writes...
at 3:16:07pm on 10/15/09
Midterms already? o.0 wow. anyways Im good good chill. doing the usual stuff and as you can see getting better at this :P My life is currently college, read, one movie, ps2, ffr and start again lol :P Hey btw since Im gonna be a sound engineer then when can I record your voice and make a hit cd? XD
mfdat phantom writes...
at 2:39:15pm on 10/15/09
super bubblee!!! how are you?
mfdat phantom writes...
at 12:54:46pm on 9/27/09
awwww :( but yeah good your getting better :] haha looks like my prof is a big hit with namine XD :P
mfdat phantom writes...
at 5:15:32pm on 9/26/09
whats upppppppppppp?!!! how are you super bubble?
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