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i like anime, kendo, socializing with friends, shiny things (XD striofhyrule), ddr and obviously ffr
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on here? vi sitter ventrillo, chrystalis, switchback, roses and butterflies, indigo, -Y, guitar vs piano, lemonade, tsugaru
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TeknoRokr writes...
at 3:38:40am on 9/2/09
Yeah, you haven't! Not much new, same stuff :|. Thanks :)
TeknoRokr writes...
at 11:12:56pm on 8/12/09
Lucmarceau writes...
at 11:25:11pm on 7/2/09
Lucmarceau writes...
at 11:22:29pm on 7/2/09
thelostone writes...
at 2:52:16pm on 5/19/09
i play songs. lol. x_x not much else to say
kamalot2010 writes...
at 7:55:08pm on 5/3/09
nope, i am an only child
kamalot2010 writes...
at 7:54:07pm on 5/2/09
first year college
what about you?
BlInk 182 writes...
at 8:57:19am on 5/2/09
im 15
kamalot2010 writes...
at 6:36:00pm on 4/27/09
Was the party fun?
I'm not up to much xD
kamalot2010 writes...
at 7:36:08am on 4/22/09
Lol, it changes from time to time xD
whats up?
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