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Alt (now main) account of Bobogoobo ( ), used for playing spread (ASKL), downscroll. I'm pretty OCD and don't usually let runs I'm not happy with save, so my actual play counts are higher. Also, grinding songs doesn't work for me.
Ponies~ and some other stuff (programming, games). Also, might fix up my profile a bit more if I'm bored, but I'm not good with graphics. See if you can identify which pony each part of my profile is colored for! :P (This is outdated but still mostly accurate.)
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My returning to FFR / Tournament blog
Posted on: September 16, 2014, at 10:20:55pm   [1 comment]
Figured this might be fun. My goal is to be able to AAA Gacha Gacha Cute again before the tournament, guess we'll see if that happens.

Right now my first day back in eight months or so I'm warming up with some easy stuff. Started at 25 then went to 30 and 35. I played Coactive and beat my old 11g, moving it all the way up to 2-0-0-1 (and that was because I couldn't trill the weird-rhythm stuff fast enough). Time heals all mindblocks, I suppose.

Not doing so well on higher difficulties, I've lost a lot of speed. I'm pleasantly surprised I retain a lot of ability to read the arrows though. After some warmup I got 32-13-0-22 (some mashing ech) on Gacha Gacha Cute, so that'll be the benchmark.

Day 2: sightread AAA on Sleep, Part 2. That was fun, really like that song. Surprised I didn't get any boos in there.

Day 3: playing some of the songs I've missed to get my levelranks neat again, got a bunch of new blackflags :P. I was pleasantly surprised that I've played The Brain of the Moon enough times to recognize the tune from Eirin's Clinic, despite not knowing much about Touhou. GGC score at the end of the day (tired and accuracy is suffering): 31-3-0-8. Definitely making some progress.

Day 4: 5bil GTS and 4k games played, yay~ GGC: 12-1-1-3. Getting there, still need to work on dense parts.

Day 6: improved some scores on high difficulty songs today (Turn Soonest and Wolf by Night, Human in Dreams). Good stuff! Definitely making good progress.

Welp tournament started. Guess I'll just keep a tournament journal in here. D4 again, of course.

R1 (Fill Me Up With Snacky Happiness): 2g first try. Wasn't expecting to do so well in my first round (especially considering I booflagged D1's song and did worse than this on D2's and D3's just now), but I'll take it! I could probably improve this if I warm up properly, but hopefully I'm safe anyway. Also D5's song is really fun. EDIT: improved to a blackflag on 10/8 (my second play :P). So many blackflags today. Either I got lucky or this is low for a 56.

R2 (Flame Repellent): despite being a 59 this feels pretty easy to me. If I AAA it I could get Scarhand [Standard], so that will definitely be motivation to do well this round. 5g first try, most of those were pretty silly and there was only one place that I really had any trouble with, so I'll keep practicing. Maybe playing it a bunch of times will work this time, who knows. Was right above the elimination line on Monday, so improved to a 3g. I got a good early and was doing well for a while, then I think I let my guard down and got two more. Didn't really have skill trouble with any of it this time.

R3 (Plousia): 5 clean first play, wow! The adrenaline was really pumping, I didn't expect to do that well but my fingers seemed to know what to do. Things are going to start getting really competitive this round so I can't get complacent if I want to advance.

Tier Points
Posted on: November 9, 2013, at 03:23:41pm   [0 comments]
You can't see other people's tier points, right? Figured I'd post mine publicly for the curious. (Why are Hajnal and 300 separated from the rest?) Feel good about having so many (3%, lol) since I couldn't do any of this with one hand.

Last updated: November 9, 2013. Still have a bunch of higher-level songs I need to play.

Favorite charts
Posted on: August 23, 2013, at 10:21:20pm   [0 comments]
Going to keep track of my favorite charts here because I don't want them to get lost in my notes in which I keep putting evaluations of every play I do >.> These are the charts that I find most fun to play and keep going back to, not necessarily my favorite songs.

* Night Walker
* Reminders
* C'est la Vie
* A bunch of gabber songs - gPrOeWaEtRaFnUdL, Pimp Slap.
* Silence (it's fun somehow)
* Pinkie's Castle (more so with one hand though)
* Szamar Madar, though I can only rarely hit the jump + purple and white arrow thingy sandwiches in the middle.
* Mortal Kombat Metal Menu - this is the song that most embodies literal "keysmashing" for me. Fun to play (with spread).
* Call Upon the Seaponies (I really like EBB/Odyssey and I was very happy when I could finally SDG this)
* Songs that are just fun to play and hear, like MASCARADA.
* We Killed the Rave, dat JS
* Danzai Yamaxanadu - great song, great chart.
* Rocket Flight - dat jumpstream in the beginning, FFR heaven
* Celsus - I <3 jumpstream
* Animus Intorqueo - probably the best piano songs in the game, fun patterns.
* Exogenesis - so good
* Gacha Gacha Cute Figu atto Mate - dense jumpstream + J-pop = <3
* Iced Innocence (the right combination of fast but fun)
* rough - this is like perfect for me

That's it for now, I'm sure there are many more that I don't remember at the moment (or haven't played with spread yet). I will keep this updated, and add honorable mentions for charts that I think are really good but I wouldn't really play too many times.

Posted on: April 7, 2013, at 03:41:09am   [0 comments]
Didn't get a chance to play FFR for over a week, tried playing on Friday, got frustrated at how much I sucked, decided finally to start doing two-hand. I'll see how this goes. At the least, I can eventually be mediocre at both styles. This is fun so I've been playing a lot this weekend. Hopefully I can keep practicing (all it means is other interests get less time for projects and stuff). Probably won't play one-hand for a while, so as a record, my main account is currently ranked 651 overall and 879 average. So close to milestones and just over five years, heh. As for this account, I don't remember how many plays I had from my previous little run of trying it, but there are still some scores left from that which I can already do much better than.

So yeah, it's a shame how quickly skill degrades. We'll see how it goes with this style and how good I can get if I keep working at it like I did with one-hand. I wish I had more time in the day.

EDIT: 1000 public FCs on 2013-10-16. Wasn't really expecting to get so much better than I was, but I'm happy about it. And I'll keep going.

Comment wall
csoup1414 writes...
at 8:44:55am on 8/4/20
Yeah I didn't think that score would hold up. Since my vacation is over I'm having a hard time getting on to play.
Hopefully I can get a better score. Thanks!
V-Ormix writes...
at 10:52:50am on 7/7/20
1200 full combos!
MikeShinoda12345 writes...
at 5:32:10pm on 12/20/17
holy shit hi
Don't think you know me but I'm ice_lazer3's brother and remember you one-handing years and years ago
ThunderFlip writes...
at 9:32:15pm on 10/13/14
Welp, fixed that I guess. BF now. :P Got a random good after all the 24th and 32nd stuff because my heart was pounding like nuts, haha. Well, at least I think I guaranteed next round. *phew*
ThunderFlip writes...
at 8:20:46pm on 10/13/14
I know, 5g clean went to 4-0-0-2, whatevs. I doubt my safety anyway so I was planning on trying today, lol.
KatyIzaBiatch writes...
at 2:07:59am on 2/25/14
Shouka writes...
at 11:28:14am on 11/10/13
You've gotten a lot better since the last official. Really hoping to see you make it to round 4!
drizzleRomanceGirl writes...
at 3:37:51pm on 11/9/13
Oh, I see. For me, every round is getting easier for Division 4. XD I also think this round's song is really fun. ^.^
drizzleRomanceGirl writes...
at 2:13:08pm on 11/9/13
I'm in school right now, so I don't have that much time to improve my scores. Even so, I'll try my best! :)
Also, how am I a favorite?
clasko1000 writes...
at 11:05:44am on 10/29/13
You made it through, Really that's what counts.
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