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_Fluttershy_ writes at 9:36:18pm on 7/1/13
Yeah I'm fine, just getting used to my new job pretty much. Been playing FFR now and then when I can.
_Fluttershy_ writes at 7:47:04pm on 6/30/13
Hey, how's it going?
Findarian writes at 12:21:35am on 5/26/13
Findarian writes at 8:36:10pm on 5/22/13
super ^.^
Findarian writes at 5:20:19pm on 5/20/13
You know it
_Fluttershy_ writes at 9:55:21am on 11/2/12
Sending this to all friends! Yo, this is DanMeister1234 on a new account, so remove me as a friend and replace me with this account! Thanks! :P
Findarian writes at 4:17:23pm on 8/12/12
yuppers =)
Findarian writes at 8:14:27pm on 8/5/12
You're better than me? lmao dang
Findarian writes at 5:55:30pm on 8/5/12
I hope to see you in one sometime =)
Findarian writes at 5:20:03pm on 8/5/12
There's always one going, and the "official" tournaments are once every year I believe. You just have to go to forums, then general, then tournament subforums (I believe that one is starting up right now) also if you want to talk about tournaments in team pony, there are always more knowledgeable people in there =)