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Tass Tips 4 - Gaming W/In Constraints (and Rubix R
Posted on: May 26, 2009, at 04:14:10pm

Enjoy, and don't forget to read the in-video annotations.


  1. Tass Tips 4.

  2. at least he didnt put it for public view this time.

  3. Cool another one, let's see what this one is all about.

  4. lolol rubix :p

  5. lmfao

  6. No mention of me, that hurts Tass. IT HURTS. But wow, when Rubix is evolved hilarity ensues. Like that time he fell asleep...

  7. *involved

  8. Rubix contains his anger 20x better than me lol
    ps, think tank!!

  9. Now I can see Tass on the home page again! :-D

  10. lol marucs acts like that with every game.

  11. i cant spell.

  12. 1: A good burrito 2: Can I join you evry once in a while in your kong room, I love kong.

  13. 1. there has been far less burrito type guessing than i had hoped for. 2. anyone is welcome in IiN... as long as they enjoy strong competition and intelligent discussion.

  14. I've never eaten a burrito let alone know the names/types of them >_<

  15. LOL!

  16. im gonna say a cheesy double beef burito from taco bell

  17. I'll guess this is a Grilled Stuft Burrito from Taco Bell.

  18. wait for it...

  19. demon wins.

  20. Burritos <3

  21. Lol Rubix.
    P.S. Nice burp Tass. Olympic judges give it an 8.


  23. you gotta be kidding me....i won?? i always get them. they are soooooo damn good

  24. Ahahah I love you Tass. And Rubix XD

  25. haha spicy chicken burrito from taco bell?

  26. Tass, keep up with the cool videos, my favorite thing is seeing, as you say, you're "ugly mug" on the front page talking about win. <3 suggestion for 5: Language controll, rubix edition :D

  27. actually, episode 5 will likely be a tass/rubix combo. should be epic.

  28. So an excuse for the burrito footage, or Mr. Rubix's lolz.

  29. 11/10 for burp!

  30. Tass your face has a slap me sign on it.

  31. xD Epic video. I sound just like rubix when i get pissed at my games. I start ranting just like that xD 'This is not how you make a good game this should not blah blah AHHH'

  32. lol

  33. tass tips. B]

  34. ROFL I can't believe I havent watched this. I gotta try that game

  35. really fun game, I'm working on the mighty levels now. It's like smb.

  36. super monkey ball I mean


  38. ooooooooooh I had two of those last night. $.99 is absurdly cheap. Taking a break from video games when you get stuck is great advice. Taking a break from eating a cheesy double beef burrito is terrible advice.

  39. taco hell :x
    but it's some good eats for those drunk munchies XD

  40. Haha, how long was the actual footage of Rubix?

  41. newsgrounds? Also, "gaming with others" for their ideas, etc, reminds me of Naruto's shadow clones. When they *poof*, all the knowledge goes to the host!

  42. your burp was weak sauce >8|

  43. Lolololol.
    How long did you spend just recording Rubix getting really PO'd at that game?

  44. rubix rage lol.. dont break your monitor like TeRage ;)

  45. LMFAO!! "Yeah.. bounce on it.. like a cock... OH WTF!?!? That's bullshit.." xD Made me laugh so hard... That looked like a tastiful burrito btw. =o lol. ^^

  46. I cant help but to crack up every time I watch this. Great vid Tass +1