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Lindsay Stirling-Crystalize
Posted on: January 22, 2013, at 04:05:45pm   [12 comments]

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Fluvs writes...
at 2:46:46am on 7/16/14
Litodude writes...
at 2:43:22am on 11/3/13
it's a joke lol
what's your name
Litodude writes...
at 5:49:07pm on 10/7/13
what does the right side of your face look like? :D
Eternal_Nightmare writes...
at 1:40:10pm on 3/17/13
DN_Catastrophic writes...
at 9:30:11pm on 3/9/13
That sounds so nice! I know my attempts never worked out on here, but I do have a girlfriend now.. although she's not into FFR =/. Did you end up moving in with him, or did he go to you? Uhh Ultra is probably the biggest American festival and it's in Miami lol they are so much fun =]
DN_Catastrophic writes...
at 9:25:58pm on 3/9/13
was fun! =] until next time!!
Xx{Fallen}xX writes...
at 3:50:07am on 3/7/13
it was nice playing you, but imma go pass out now :3
DN_Catastrophic writes...
at 8:04:59pm on 2/23/13
get outtttt!!! i didn't even realize you guys were that close when we used to chat a lot lol congrats on everything though! =] i'm glad life had been treating you well! i'm just enjoying life right now (i took a year off school). waiting and praying on acceptance letters to grad schools and just been traveling and going to different music festivals (ultra is next month!) woo!
DN_Catastrophic writes...
at 10:11:04am on 2/23/13
lol i just come on every now and then.. there isn't anyone to really talk to on here anymore D: but of course we are friends! =] what's going on in your life?
DN_Catastrophic writes...
at 12:24:32pm on 2/21/13
whatttt!!! i remember you from way back in the day lol
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