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3lijah writes at 10:32:14pm on 1/22/14
You be comin around and not sayin hi to a nigga imma sue you dawg
MarioNintendo writes at 10:49:43am on 1/19/14
No im not vagabon lol it's because you said "you" in the thread you seemed like you were talking to every1
Juggalo702 writes at 6:56:28pm on 1/7/14
Its all good in da hood, things going as they should, just rising through the ranks, my gt is like a bank, skillboosting everyday, gettin lots of good plays, got plenty of tokens, you know i aint jokin. lol ok im done rhyming now xD
Juggalo702 writes at 4:09:19am on 12/29/13
ninja, ninja, wanna be a ninja, grab a, sword and, do a flip and split ya.
Juggalo702 writes at 3:31:12pm on 12/24/13
Magic Magic Ninja Whut?! Magic Magic Ninja Whut?!
darkderp1 writes at 9:27:35pm on 11/28/13
Juggalo702 writes at 1:37:19am on 11/22/13
Dude, we need to start up a team for the family, i cant think of the right name atm, but hit me up next time ur on.
Slushpuppiex33 writes at 5:22:43am on 11/20/13
3lijah writes at 5:25:38pm on 11/18/13
wow, didnt think id ever hear from YOU again lol. sup nigga
3lijah writes at 1:00:25am on 11/7/13
ey. ey you.