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I play FFR. I live in Jupiter, Florida. I live in a house. My parents own another house in the keys that I go to every weekend. I have a boat, A 15 foot key largo. My parents have a boat, a 33 foot hydra sport, VX. I like going on boats. I have a brother named Austin. And a sister named Christine. I'm on FFR right now. People that go on myspace usually dont have a life. And i'm on FFR's immitation of myspace, So I must really not have a life... Which I don't care about. Don't make me hate you, Or I will write you a hate poem. kthx More to come.
FFR/DDR working on my website. I also like to go fishing and go on my boat, The keys and the bahamas are pretty close to where I live.
Fav Music:
Barney theme song
Fav Movies:
Batman, Superman, And Spiderman.
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Posted on: July 18, 2006, at 09:39:28pm   [0 comments]
FFR's myspace...

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Xx{Midnight}xX writes...
at 5:49:13pm on 5/6/09
You guys still alive?
TK_Destroyer writes...
at 5:45:18pm on 6/22/08
Please add me.
dfrXtreme writes...
at 7:33:55pm on 9/26/07
Team Killer Killer? lol
TK_pavonineukon writes...
at 10:00:46pm on 7/30/07
You're smitty?! o_0 ... sorry, I'm a bit slow... But you never told me and I'm hardly ever on here. I had no idea... We used to be best buds. *sniff*sniff* lol See you sometime on your other username Killarrr!
UltimaAssassin writes...
at 7:56:19pm on 7/30/07
Votes up! hope you can do the same ^^
SCWolf writes...
at 9:04:44pm on 12/30/06
lmfao lmfao lmfao!

nice pic on the forums dude!
TD_Hatred writes...
at 11:20:44am on 11/4/06
TK killer=xxxsmittyxxx
TK_pavonineukon writes...
at 11:33:33pm on 10/21/06
Hey! What's up Killer? Haven't talked to you in a while, huh? So, am I still on the team? lol What's with you being banned???
Istarikitsunelover writes...
at 11:52:09am on 9/25/06
Killer...I'm not a friend...i'm hurt =(
MCRenaissance writes...
at 8:52:13pm on 9/13/06
Hey bro
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