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Posted on: September 13, 2015, at 11:31:28pm   [0 comments]
As of right now, that break sort of continues. Mind you, I'm not going to say "no more" and retiring from playing rhythm games altogether right now. I just went on a hiatus from playing FFR. I will, however, try to play SM for at least an hour every couple of days or so; my skill took a nose-dive during that hiatus and I'd like to re-raise it back to what it was. I guess it'll be a while before I'm fully back in action, but I'll let you know when that time comes.

Here's a hint: The keys to a door leading into the future will be given to you at a pre-determined time unknown only to you.
Posted on: January 18, 2013, at 12:21:30pm   [1 comment]
Still proud of this.

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CammyGoesRawr writes at 5:33:27am on 3/25/20
You took my rank 299 :< rude
V-Ormix writes at 9:07:16pm on 5/10/16
hey you're one of the latest profiles, hurray for activity 8)
Starlight562 writes at 1:15:36am on 8/3/15
That's a cute Emolga.
mrpreggers writes at 12:00:30am on 3/11/15
helohelo nickelo
samurai7694 writes at 4:17:10pm on 8/4/14
That's right! It's on my floor collecting dust. My new keyboard is the QPAD MK50 Cherry MX Blue.
NeonSM writes at 10:00:32am on 6/3/14
I enjoyed your unconnected file for ODI3!
Riotpolice writes at 1:29:02pm on 5/3/14
Hey nick, just wanna let you know that your newest releases are really good. I actually wanna save them, they are really good!
poke_gamer98 writes at 2:14:47am on 1/1/14
Tim Allen writes at 5:28:26pm on 11/7/13
dayum what happened to you posting all the time
Charu writes at 10:00:28pm on 9/15/13
Oh nooooo, your gif is gone! That's okies, Emolga's are pretty awesome as well.