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Posted on: January 29, 2015, at 01:29:12pm

( ◜◡^)っ✂╰⋃╯

  1. Hush we love you

  2. angie no :'c

  3. hey i always thought you were cool~

  4. better still get my profile!! :p

  5. I have p much just met you (even though I've seen you around the forums) but you're a really chill dude, the community sucks sometimes but we all roll with the punches. Hope you come back soon.

  6. :-3

  7. Sorry if this isn't where to reply back to ur comment on my wall, but lmao we both know that's not happening, Dalton will maybe just scrape by another playoff appearance while yet again increasing the number of picks he throws in the regular season. Fun stuff :P

  8. I need almost 100 tier points to hit tier 5 and I can't find any easy tier points to get anywhere so not even close to possible. That and it's mainly because combo scoring still exists. I have lots of songs I could easily do better raw scoring but since it only records best combo scores I'll never get those tier points.

  9. Shhhhhhh

  10. That cat o_o
    But yeah that comment was too funny.

  11. lmfao when a cat sees something move just a touch to the side, it's game on 8)

  12. Nah man, getting too irritated at some people here and now that I cannot play FFR in any means there's no point in staying lmao. If I had ties to this then I couldn't but enough is enough

  13. wiggle wiggle wiggle

  14. Thank you! :)

  15. Lame that you got banned :(

  16. lol what did you do

  17. what the hell happened? ;~; miss u

  18. rip

  19. What engine is the song "it's all about the money" on?

  20. Swiggity swooty

  21. sorry mang, was playing robocraft with friends and the D6 chat got spammed and I didn't know how to turn off notifications, so the constant bleeps made me mad lol. I actually found out how to turn off notifications now, so you may invite me back to the group ;)

  22. If you feel like it bby~

  23. Soporiferous

  24. mostly because i'm 'in the zone' as you say, i've been getting into commentating more tho

  25. lol alright
    and i didn't know i didn't thumbs up your profile yet oops

  26. moho

  27. It's like ASMR, but for your eyes.