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kmay writes...
at 2:35:16pm on 11/11/23
NVM lol I checked yours and it updated to back to being lower than mine
kmay writes...
at 2:25:20pm on 11/11/23
Just passed your av rank ;)
Zyxel writes...
at 7:51:14pm on 10/8/23
SSBM champ!? :O
who do you main?
kmay writes...
at 4:05:19pm on 2/23/22
We are planning another east coast meet up in NJ if you’re interested
kmay writes...
at 1:09:49pm on 1/4/17
sup fool
Hakulyte writes...
at 12:05:14am on 4/20/16
hint for ya: They're going to make rates record and I work since 2 years now and it's massively dropping my ability to be here to play. There's hope~
MarcusHawkins writes...
at 6:59:17am on 2/4/16
Judge offset changes where you get an amazing; the lower the offset, the earlier the hit, and the higher the offset, the later the hit.
Your reaction time may be a little slow, hence how you changed your offset to 0.6. That, in reality, is a "Perfect!!" hit late in retrospect to judge 0.
Are things making more sense, now?
MarcusHawkins writes...
at 7:07:55pm on 2/3/16
I normally have my judge offset at 0, but I like to change that a tad bit sometimes wen I feel like it, haha.
As for global offset, it depends on your computer hardware's delay and the song's "off-syncness" so that may vary.
Generally though, I like to keep that at 3.25, but I sometimes have 2.5, 4 , or even 5+ if it's really late.
MarcusHawkins writes...
at 7:16:04pm on 1/28/16
Nice job on getting your 1,100th AAA!!
MarcusHawkins writes...
at 12:34:10pm on 12/19/15
Grats on 1600 FCs, dude! :D
Now go get more AAAs, I'm already ahead of you! >;-)
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