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Posted on: January 29, 2015, at 01:29:12pm   [27 comments]
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SpaceGorilla writes at 9:32:26am on 1/26/20
almost 3 years since last comment ;3
Dinglesberry writes at 3:26:38pm on 6/30/17
when you look at a profile and comments are re-enabled suddenly... gotta get a quick one in ;3
psychoangel691 writes at 11:50:36pm on 1/27/15
Weird, I don't see any contact requests
psychoangel691 writes at 6:16:04pm on 1/27/15
Hey, yeah I'm usually on skype most of the time but I'm babysitting tonight so I wont be like super focused on my computer until later tonight.
xAlphaWolf writes at 3:55:24am on 1/27/15
EtienneSM writes at 1:28:26pm on 1/26/15
I honestly don't think I'd have the time or patience to do all of that. Considering grinding a song over and over again is a pet peeve of mine, I tend to stay away from songs that I can't do consistently.
Maybe I'll try one day. But I doubt I'll be playing FFR anytime soon.
svnfeetunderxcx writes at 2:15:31pm on 1/25/15
what the fuck
svnfeetunderxcx writes at 2:12:46pm on 1/25/15
where is your fuck me button
svnfeetunderxcx writes at 6:35:50pm on 1/24/15
ThunderFlip writes at 1:05:16pm on 1/24/15
<3 u 2 bby