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A lot of people see more in me than I do myself.
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Posted on: March 19, 2017, at 01:46:15pm   [0 comments]
Helloooooooo FFRholics~

How are you? How have you been? It's been a while since I've written one of these, so...why not? :3

What is going on in my life? Idk, I'm at a standstill overall, especially with FFR. I finally made it to Level 63, which I'm excited about, but at the moment I don't see myself improving much with anything.

Some of the reason is probably due to my aging computer. I've had this laptop for about 5 years now. It works great, don't get me wrong, but it's getting more to the point of where it can't handle multi-tasking. I have a dual monitor setup, so that I'm looking at my Public Scores on one monitor while playing on the other.

Also, my laptop doesn't handle dense files well and lags beyond control. I also have random arrow stops and I'll end up missing enough notes to fail the song. Something else I haven't figured out is that while I'm playing, my computer will suddenly jump to another open window and I'll end up missing enough to fail the file.

If anyone has any suggestions or solutions, I'm open to them.

Other than that... I've been playing quite a bit of DDR still. DDR A is awesome and fun. I've met a lot of people in the area that play...most of whom are waaaayyy better at the game than I'll ever be. I'm happy to have finally met someone who plays both DDR & FFR. If you're wondering who that is, it's the person who is 1st on my friends, Forgotten_Illusion. He's a pretty good DDR (no-bar) player!

In other DDR news, whenever I go to play, I get a LOT of looks as if I don't belong there. People have even said aloud, "She doesn't know how to play." or "She's just looking." On a few occasions, people will stupidly pick a song on Difficult/Expert and then they'll ask me if I want to play... (as they're failing of course) and I'll jump in and finish the song to the best of my abilities. And then they'll get pissed and walk off cause I actually know how to play the game and can decently keep up.

Welcome to a glimpse of my DDR life.

Enough of that. I still upload my crappy FFR gameplay to YouTube along with a few other things.

Monstrous Turtles are still a pain in the butt, but I love them regardless. :)

My profile is dedicated to an anime that has literally taken me on an emotional roller coaster...Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu). I enjoyed every minute of it along with the spin-off, Koro-Sensei Quest.

I need to watch the subbed dubbed version as well~ :)

Ok, I've written way more than enough for one day. So until next time...

Have a Happy FFR Day!
Posted on: December 2, 2016, at 08:42:28pm   [5 comments]
I did a thing.

Stay tuned.

I regret everything.

The thing is finished and everyone is happy, so I am happy. Yey~
Posted on: October 8, 2016, at 11:56:51am   [0 comments]
Hello Fellow FFR-holics!

How are ya? I hope all is well~ If you're in the wrath of Matthew, please be safe!

There's a reason for this thought and it's that I've finally reached my mini-goal!! All 100 of my Leaderboard scores have a AAA-Equivalency of 50.00 or higher! I was trying to improve on the EMG scores for the week and managed to finally get the final score I needed! I'm so happy! :)

I wonder what my next mini-goal will be? Besides St. Scarhand [Standard] of course. I got my 1st AAA-Equivalency of 60+ with my 3-0-0-0 run of The Fusion. I'm pretty dang proud of that score. It's definitely a AAA-able file...along with Survive. >.> My top 5 Leaderboard scores are ranked 60 and above, so I'm proud of that as well.

From the time of my last thought, I have 493 AAAs and 994 FCs. I'm still working towards the 500 AAA and 1000 FC goal. I can mash and get some more FCs, but there's no sense in doing that especially since now if you go back and get a better raw score and get a miss, then it takes away from the FC. So why waste my time mashing when I can just be a try-hard from the get-go?

I'm still playing DDR A at least twice a week. Wednesdays and Saturday/Sunday are usually when I go and stomp some arrows. One of my Hub buddies recorded me playing a set and uploaded to his channel. If you want to see my shenanigans, then let me know and I'll provide the link.

Let's see...what else...what else... I've altered my settings a bit for harder files and it's definitely helping. I went from 135g on Bowser the Shredder to 86. That file is very difficult for a 63 imo... :( I think corn was in a bmah mindset when he stepped that file.

Death Moon is exciting to see in game and even though it's waaay too hard for me right now, I have enjoyed playing it so far.

Monstrous Turtles are still a monster, but fun nonetheless.

I think that's enough banter for now.

So until next time...

Have a Happy FFR Day!

Edit: As of 10/16/16 - I have 1000 FCs!!!! Time to reach 500 AAAs! :)
Posted on: August 15, 2016, at 09:43:46pm   [0 comments]
Howdy fellow FFR-holics!

How are ya? I hope all is well in your world~ It's been 2 months since I last did this. Am I becoming more frequent again in my random thoughts? Nah, doubt it. lol

So what's been going on with me since the end of my run in the OT? Nothing much really. I feel like I've lost a lot of FFR skill as of late. I've been doing so terribly on files that I used to be able to at least frequently SDG/low-good SDG. My ability to read notes and hit them accurately has been abysmal. :(

I'm thankful EMG Rivalry has started up again. The new format Dei has setup is pretty awesome because it puts players on more of an even playing field when it comes to song choice and Skill Level. If you so happen to gaze at this thought, thanks Deidara. :)

Earlier I hit 13 billion GT. I was aiming for it a few days ago, but fell asleep beforehand...or maybe a Skype call happened. I can't remember at the moment. I should be asleep right now, or getting ready for bed to be honest.

Also, DDR A. OMG. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I've been playing twice a week since it's release at my local Dave & Buster's. Suuuuuper fun! I can handle files that are about 10 and below... I can sometimes pass 11s & 12s (not the prettiest of scores, but as pass is a pass that is if I do pass) Some of my favorite newer files to play are Elemental Creation, Over the "Period", Monkey Business, Electronic Dance System Music, and Cleopatrysm. Next time I go, I'll probably wear my FFR shirt just to see if anyone will recognize it. I'd totally geek out if someone does. lol

I have a random question for your all... What do you think will happen first for me? 500 AAAs or 1000 FCs? At the time of this thought, I'm sitting at 490 AAAs and 984 FCs.

I have another mini-goal in mind and that is to get my Top 100 scores all at 50.00 AAA Equivalency or higher. I have 15 to go to reach that...and considering one of those scores is a Lv.70, I don't think that'll happen relatively soon.

I've think I've chattered on long enough for one random thought and the Turtles will soon fall. So until next time...

Have a Happy FFR Day!

P.S. Sometimes I upload my crappy gameplay and other things I enjoy to my YouTube channel -->
Posted on: June 6, 2016, at 09:16:58pm   [6 comments]
Hellooooo FFR-holics!

How are you? I hope you're grrreat. I mean Tony the Tiger great. :D
The 11th Official has been announced and it starts on the 24th! WOOOO HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE!!!

This thought will be dedicated to the 11th Official where I've impersonated being such an Expert at this game until I've been placed in D4. Let's see how quickly I make my exit! :D This will be updated when the tournament begins.

GOOD LUCK to all who are participating!

(A video was here, but I removed it, sowwie...)

Until next time...

Have a Happy FFR Day!

Round 1: Red Sphere, Blue Sphere
6/25 - 2:50a server time
So far I'm sitting at 43,715; 22-2-3-3. This might be enough for me to eek through to the next round, especially depending on non-submitters. I can probably FC and get mayybbeee a SDG or low-teen good. The section post note 675-ish gets pretty ugh for me. The majority of my GAMB come from that section alone.
There's still time for me to improve and believe me, I will. *determination* :)

6/25 - 3:24p server time
Slight improvement to 43,805; 16-2-4-3. Right now, my goal is to break 44k raw score. I did some different settings and that improved things for me. As I said earlier, I think I'm pretty safe to go to Round 2, just working on a personal goal~

6/26 - 11:26a server time
Achievement get: 44,235; 10-0-1-1. Got my personal goal! I'm currently sitting in 14th and T41 moves on to the next round. I'm done with this file. See you in Round 2.

Round 2 - Shade of Gloria
7/2 - 5:31a server time
61,935; 102-9-8-6 ...uh oh. This is not looking good for me so far. :(

7/2 - 6:38a server time
63,500; 58-3-5-3. It's looking a 'little' better. I've been able to consistently get around this score my last few plays and I'm kinda confident that I can crack 64k raw score. I'll give it another go later on~

7/3 - 12:38p server time
63,850; 53-2-2-3. close to 64k...and also so close to pee water. Depending on how the players below me improve/play on this file, this may be farewell for me.

7/7 - 9:26p server time
63,895; 51-2-2-4 close, yet so far away... If it wasn't for the absurd number of goods on this file, I'd be dandy. Also, I would like to thank summertime thunderstorms for causing my internet to be worse than normal. The streams lag so bad for me until I almost wonder if it's even worth me trying to reach my round goal?

7/8 - 8:00p server time (Final Edit)
Finish: 33rd place, eliminated R2.
I'm completely mindblocked at the moment. Glad the server doesn't keep up with restarts. The file is nice to listen to and fun to play, I won't lie about that. It just proved to be a tad bit too much for me at the moment. The only thing I'm salty about is not reaching 64k raw score. I've nearly duplicated my best on this quite a few times during my play today.

Anyways, good luck to the rest of D4 and everyone else remaining in the tournament. :) I'll continue to play the files just to see how far down the totem pole I really

Special Thanks: Zenith, CK, Kanzas, Smexxxy, badman, darkedge, KLiTz, Squid, grizz, FG, DDRNGGin, dev, & Haku for your support of me and believing I'm much better at this game than I actually am~ :P

Comment wall
T-Force writes at 7:40:46pm on 11/17/20
Rather, avoid Twitter, hahaha!
T-Force writes at 4:52:22pm on 11/17/20
I, uhhh... kinda popped off in PoGo again... oops.
T-Force writes at 10:15:35pm on 11/11/20
Yeah, same. The two closest stops to me were both submitted by me, but they still require a decent walk to get to and that sucks, lol.
Especially with COVID basically turning me into a lazy-ass unless I'm at work, there are days where I go with no stops being spun.
CammyGoesRawr writes at 9:30:19pm on 11/11/20
doing my best to not let it happen "too much" xD
T-Force writes at 8:31:36pm on 11/11/20
I moved away from a high density area and they keep giving me purified hundos so why not, lol. I just want that gold at this point.
T-Force writes at 8:01:23pm on 11/11/20
To be fair, that took a lot of battles.. I'm over 800 deep on that badge.
sff_writer_dan writes at 7:32:14pm on 11/10/20
hehe you're welcome :P
T-Force writes at 10:47:19pm on 11/4/20
CammyGoesRawr writes at 1:54:49am on 11/4/20
It's a bit of a curse that the higher you move up on the skill ladder, the more this game tries to make you your own worst enemy
CammyGoesRawr writes at 1:54:09am on 11/4/20
I bet you could find something reliable and really affordable on ebay or something like that.
I may try to mention my streams more on the socials more, but I really just gotta break my constant nerves whenever I do any sort of live play. I don't like when people come on and just see me getting mad at myself.