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Random FFR Thoughts 46 - 13.5th OT Edition
Posted on: October 19, 2020, at 06:58:50pm

Hello fellow FFRaholics!

I don't come here much, nor play the game as much as I want to. Probably gonna be eliminated in R2 again! :D

I'll be around to update this once it starts. Good luck to all who are entering!

Until next time...

Have a Happy FFR Day!

Round 1: Spaceship Toyvox - Lv. 59 (re-rated to Lv.54)
Edit 1: 10/28/20 8:05pm server time
Sightread: 46,945, 5-0-1-0 (New 90th score for me! :D)
That miss was dumb along with at least 2 of the goods. I can clean this up. Dear D4, please don't AAA or die on me. kthanx

Edit 2: 10/28/20 9:59pm server time
46,925, 9-0-0-0
Slightly worse in terms of raw score, but I got an FC. I'm sleepy. I probably should not be playing right

Edit 3: 10/29/2020 5:25pm server time
47,050 - 4-0-0-0 (56th best score for me)
I wonder if I can AAA this? It's definitely possible for me, just need to stop boinking randomly. *sigh*

Round 2: Jackhammer Manifesto - Lv.57 (huh...?)
Edit 1: 11/4/20 10:59pm server time
59,290: 16-2-5-4
I can't jack. :( Also this song reminds me a lot of Senorita Bonita.

Edit 2: 11/4/20 11:07pm server time
59,540, 13-2-2-5
Turned off mirror mod, still can't jack. I'll be surprised if I make it past this round.

Final Edit: 11/11/2020 3:16pm server time
59,785, 10-0-1-1
I improved, but yea, won't be making it to the next round. 3g is the threshold and I'm not able to get anywhere near that at the moment. :( I wonder if I can get a SDG on this file?

Thanks for another fun tourney and hopefully I can shake off my Round 2 eliminations going forward.

Have a Happy FFR Day!