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I most known as Anime Simfiles Maker in the Internet :) In the real life, I'm a nobody. Though, I'm oldest in my family have 1 bro and 3 sis. No Job, and currently no school till fall2007
Anime, Manga, Computers, Sports, did I mention Anime?
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Anime, Dance, Trance, Happycore, Techno, Club, did I mention Anime?
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let see here... too many to list.
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Posted on: August 30, 2007, at 11:08:56am   [1 comment]

The song list for Otaku's Dream 4th Anime Mix in Video Format lol~!

or you want the text format.

- - -

Also... my 101-125 simfiles batch...

just grab it on my website or the forum if you are there or already know where it is, hehe...

- - -

I guess I don't go here often... sorry -.-
Posted on: May 11, 2007, at 01:14:38pm   [0 comments]
-Edit from the last one...

I'm mostly on Bemanistyle Forums... If you PM me there most likely I read it than here.

StepManiaOnline Server:
-I'm always in Novice Rooms for play so look around, if I'm Online

Xfire account: Jubo88
- Nickname: Jubo

Email / MSN:
- Add me if you want...

IRC: Can be found
- Just type "/whois Jubo" you'll find me ^_^

Ventrilo: unfortunately, on private server.
- But send me a PM here, if you wish to talking to me

Hopefully that helps ^_^
-I normally don't talk often... So bare with me when chatting with me (^.^)

- - - - -

Almost done with remaining Eureka seveN Simfiles, to be exact the only remaining one is the [1st ending theme].
ATM, I can't take the amount of work I need to simfiles right now... So, request is off the question for make right now... If you seen my webpage. You see the amound of simfile I'm still working on.

SHUFFLE!: Asa OP & ED + Nerine OP & ED + Original TV OP & ED

Simoun: OP & ED

Eureka seveN: 1st ED

(New!) Shakugan no Shana: Main Movie Theme -raven mix- (Movie Trailer Video includ.)

also... more if I keep seeing more anime series. These few weeks I finished these series:

Pumpkin Scissors (Season 1?)

Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo (Anime Movie)

InuKami! (Movie is left!)

Hataraki Man

so, a possible make?

- - - - -

Also, I'll upload more of Resonance capables to the SimFile DB soon. msg me to upload specific one I'll upload it (^.^)
Also, to the others who upload my simfile without permission... (tsk tsk bad!) please resist to do so and if you did, delete them! (-.-)
Comment wall
mrpreggers writes at 10:49:42am on 12/1/15
can U make me a TV size file plese ?
Herogashix writes at 3:33:57am on 9/26/14
i just realized your avatar moves
i died
TBM18 writes at 3:00:19pm on 4/28/11
You have one of those avatars I could look at for hours. hehe
Ohnodiwu writes at 11:42:29pm on 9/8/08
Hey, thanks for all the hard work you're doing on OD Anime Mix 5! There are some of us who patiently wait for the release and put our faith in your knowing when it's ready. Don't let those impatient noobs get to you! It is free, after all...
-I hope that took some pressure off or at least made you smile for a moment. ^^ I know how tolling stress can be and it always helps when you know people appreciate you.
animeshinobi writes at 11:36:19pm on 9/1/08
Hey ^^. I like the SM files you make in otakusdream. Have you heard of something called NicoNico Douga and a Vocaloid named Hatsune Miku?
TheNamesH writes at 3:45:11am on 8/24/08
¨°º¤ø„¸ Jubo  ¸„ø¤º°¨
Gundam-Dude writes at 6:44:54pm on 8/11/08
Happy Birthday.
Code Geass writes at 9:07:21pm on 7/10/08
Hey Jubo!
Your Simfiles for Stepmania are.. great!
I play them very often and it makes fun all the time! <:
Thank you for doing the Simfiles!!
Will you upp an 5th Pack?
I'm waitinq for it - keep doin'. :)
Belgarion writes at 3:16:10am on 4/5/08
Now here's a guy who can make some quality, well-synced stepfiles! I always enjoy playing through Otaku's Dream Mix.
alexahh writes at 12:11:44pm on 3/9/08
...i was gonna pm you, but you blocked pms, so ill just ask here
where do you take requests? I know a ton of songs you need to make the perfect sim collection, and there not all from the same show.