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jaydawg3 writes...
at 12:21:00am on 5/30/08
just so ya know. im switching my account to the name Akuyamigami. and re uploading my sims and stuff so watch out for me, k? :D
yoshihito writes...
at 8:42:32pm on 7/23/07
SERIOUSLY?!?!!? Damn
yoshihito writes...
at 8:56:56pm on 7/12/07
lolz...Just sell lemonade xDDD OR do jos for your parentsssss..I guess
yoshihito writes...
at 8:46:58pm on 7/12/07
PPSSHHHH yea, I wanna get a weekend pass so we can go all week. && I'm also saving $$$ So I can buy more stuff. lol my key blade is hanging on my wall :3
yoshihito writes...
at 10:02:09pm on 7/9/07
http://www.flashflas ile/Raidin_angel/
yoshihito writes...
at 9:59:59pm on 7/9/07
yoshihito writes...
at 5:11:44pm on 7/9/07
IDK I'll find it.
Hey i'm getting braces [[ SHING ]] =D
yoshihito writes...
at 12:15:32am on 7/9/07
yoshihito writes...
at 9:03:32pm on 7/5/07
Silent_vampire writes...
at 11:39:09pm on 6/13/07
Yo bro i dont know how too. sorry={
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